Penn State’s 2020 team deserves an NCAA banner

This is in response to the March 29 question of the week of whether Penn State should hang an NCAA banner for this year’s men’s basketball team.

Can anybody think why the banner should not be hung? My answer is a thundering yes that this team, coaches and program have every right to immediately hang an NCAA Tournament banner in the Bryce Jordan Center.

We all need to glorify this 2019-20 banner with great pride. This team went 21-10 and knocked off some very good teams despite some untimely injuries at the end of the season.

Players from present, past and future along with recruits should stand proudly as they look at this pennant.

This team should be regarded as the best in Penn State basketball history.

Les Hart


Trip back in time: Enjoying the 1969 Orange Bowl

I really enjoyed the Mirror’s lookback article about the 1969 Orange Bowl (March 14).

In June of 1968, I had returned home to Tyrone after two years in the Marine Corps.

I got a job and was able to see a few Penn State football games, thanks to Len Slother at the Tyrone Daily Herald.

In fact, I was able to attend with a media pass, which gave me access to the press box and the sidelines while taking some game pictures for him.

I was able to also help him with the Tyrone High School basketball coverage while he covered the wrestling program.

Part of my compensation was the opportunity to attend the ’69 Orange Bowl with a photo pass and a press box pass. The expenses were all mine, and I was thrilled just to be able to go.

So my first bowl game experience was a memorable one. Somewhere, I still have a locker room picture of Herb Werner and I interviewing Mike Reid in the locker room after the game.

Well, Herb was doing the interviewing, and I was taking notes and learning. The picture is a small color photo taken with one of those popular, at the time, Instamatic cameras.

Will Walk

Spring, Texas


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