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NFL closes its facilities

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell instructed the 32 teams to close their facilities to all but a select few employees on Wednesday.

In a memo to the teams, Goodell said the restrictions meant as a safeguard against the new coronavirus will be in force until at least April 8, when the league will re-evaluate, using advice from medical experts and health authorities.

The NFL has gotten some pushback for not postponing the draft scheduled for April 23-25 while the rest of the sports world is largely shut down. Several teams have suggested there could be a competitive disadvantage in keeping those dates and have cited the inability to perform physical exams on draft prospects. But the draft remains on schedule and the league is developing a new format because it has scrapped the public events set for Las Vegas.

Only trainers, doctors, facility directors, security personnel and independent contractors, along with technology personnel necessary to maintain security and operational capabilities of a team’s IT network are allowed inside.

No trouble for Clemson QB

CLEMSON, S.C. — It turns out Trevor Lawrence and his girlfriend didn’t do anything wrong when they were trying to help coronavirus victims and their families. What sounded like a noble effort but might have been an NCAA violation is OK after all.

The NCAA said the couple can resume their fundraising efforts after Clemson officials had shut down their gofundme.com page — “Covid-19 Family Relief and Support” — for fear the quarterback was committing a violation.

Lawrence and his girlfriend Marissa Mowry received the go-ahead from the governing body for the page after Clemson’s compliance office had halted their efforts Monday afternoon — hours after they launched it.

The roller-coaster ride had left Lawrence — one of the leading Heisman Trophy candidates heading into next season — and Mowry, a soccer player at Anderson (South Carolina) University, apologizing for trying to do what they thought was right before the NCAA stepped in.

“We applaud Trevor for his efforts,” the NCAA said in a released statement.

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