Link upheld standard for area officials

In my 45 years of basketball officiating, I had the pleasure to know Tom Link.

My first encounter was many years ago when he was the athletic director at Cambria Heights High school and had called me to officiate junior high and junior varsity games.

Link was a no-nonsense type of guy and expected nothing more than my best effort working his games.

That mentality was a given because in our local basketball chapter having Ron Rickens and Dave Heim as our mentors, that expectation was handed down.

Link was a very respected all sports official. On many occasions, he would call me to go with him to many different schools to officiate games.

The time spent with him to and from those games created a friendship that lasted forever. I know I will miss him, along with all those in the sports world that knew him.

Gary Zimmerman Sr.


‘Natural,’ ‘Field of Dreams’ stand out on silver screen

In response to the latest question of the week, there were two movies that I could see over and over again. They are “The Natural” and “Field of Dreams.”

If you could read my mind, you would know it was Roy Hobbs played by Robert Redford in “The Natural.”

Watching Hobbs playing with an old wound in his side come up to the plate in the last inning with the game tied was inspirational. Hobbs took two pitches for strikes, then fouled off a third pitch, feeling the pain from the wound that opened up.

Both the catcher and pitcher saw the bloody wound open up. On that pitch, Hobbs broke his bat. The suspense grew when Roy told the bat boy to get him another bat.

The bat boy picked his own home-made bat labeled “The Natural.”

On the next pitch, Roy Hobbs hit one into the outfield lights, and it was like lightning had struck as the lights exploded one by one for a home run to win the game. Roy Hobbs covered the bases limping as he ran. I get tears in my eyes every time.

Les Hart, Duncansville


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