Rodgers, Manning QBs to admire

Aaron Rodgers had a dream to make another Super Bowl, but it wasn’t to be.

Fans will remember his legacy of performing that magic touch of coming from behind to win so many times.

He has been my favorite professional quarterback as he’s been a person of integrity and role model for so many to look up to. I hope he returns for another season.

I’m also a fan of the New York Giants. Eli Manning retired after 16 years and won two Super Bowls. He, too, is a role model for all, just as his brother, Peyton, was.

I hope Kansas City Chiefs, with Patrick Mahomes, win today’s Super Bowl. It has been a long time — 50 years — since their last Super Bowl win (1969 season).

Switching gears: I hope it isn’t true, but I’m afraid this is not Penn State’s year to win another NCAA wrestling championship. There have been too many injuries even for Cael Sanderson’s great program to overcome.

I hope the men’s basketball team finally makes March Madness this year.

Les Hart



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