Penn State fans have been too critical

I’ve never seen so much whining from we Penn State fans as I have this season.

And trust me, I’ve been following it all for years now.

Do I sit in front of the TV on Saturdays out here in LA and scream at the TV on any number of occasions?

Just ask my wife, who finds something to do every game day that can take her out of the house. And I know I scare the dog. But c’mon, folks, a 10-2 record and a shot at bigger things?

Look, I know James Franklin and staff might not be the best in-game staff in the country. But I love watching this team — every week. mistakes and all.

And there are always going be mistakes. It’s just so easy to sit back and second- and third-guess. I know because I do it, too. But how about we take a beat and enjoy the fact that we’re No. 10 in the country.

How about we stop complaining about everything for a minute?

Nat Bernstein

Los Angeles

Franklin to FSU doesn’t add up

There’s been a lot of buzz or undercurrent this week reprising what seems to be the yearly question: Will James Franklin leave for another school?

I guess I could understand the appeal of Los Angeles (USC), although don’t let me be the one sitting in traffic from morning until night.

But Florida State? Yes, with good recruiting and coaching, he may only have to face Clemson and perhaps Virginia Tech to win a conference title.

Tallahassee is not a center of culture unless you compare it to some other towns on the Redneck Coast.

His players may not get letters from Johnstown, but believe me, they’re plenty of other towns and villages nearby with residents happy to write similar prose.

Is it just money or is there some other backstory?

Greg Guise

Ferguson Township


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