Can Chambers finally get Lions to dance?

After watching the recent Penn State-Mississippi basketball game, I ended up with mixed emotions.

After the first half, I said to myself this is the year State gets over the hump. Then ccomes the second half.

While leading by 21 points with 16 minutes remaining, I felt the Lions had the game in the win column. Then with five minutes to go, they had a 10-point lead, and the ghost of the past appears.

Yes, they lost the game by two points.

What has changed in the last nine years in Penn State basketball? Better talent, two NIT championships and great hope to compete and win against the upper teams in the Big Ten.

What has not changed?

No NCAA Tournament invite, and they’re losing in the last few minutes after competing for 37 minutes.

Coach Pat Chambers stated after the Mississippi game, “We just don’t have that mental toughness to keep competing at a high level.”

Since this is the most talented group that Chambers has worked with in his nine years since arriving at Penn State, is it possible that maybe it could be the coaching and not the players?

Byron Lasser


No moral victory

Why did Ohio State beat Penn State?

I will tell you why. Ohio State was the better team. That is all there is to it.

They made the big plays, and Penn State did not.

Cory Giger said Penn State got a moral victory.

A moral victory is not a win.

John Wise



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