Gloves don’t cut it in rainy weather

About Penn State’s dropped passes in the rain at Michigan State …

I was watching an earlier football game on Saturday, and that one was in the rain. There were dropped passes on both sides of the ball.

The announcers kept saying one thing over and over: “It’s those new gloves the receivers are wearing; they have no grip in the rain. They should get rid of the gloves and just use their bare hands to catch the ball.”

Apparently, the announcers knew something that the coaches on the sidelines didn’t know.

So, if you can get word to James Franklin before the next rainy day game, have him tell the receivers to take off the gloves and go at it bare-knuckled.

That, combined with good old fashioned smash-mouth football, could help them run up the scores on their opponents.

Lou Lusk

Mount Juliet, Tennessee

So far, Lions exceeding fans’ expectations

Penn State’s win at Michigan State was never in doubt, but it’s a good thing we recovered the opening kickoff fumble.

I wonder what would have been different, especially in the second half, had the weather not been as it was. We might have done more on offense.

This year’s team has exceeded my expectations. Due to youth and inexperience at key positions and continued growing pains, I expected three to four losses, now it looks like at the most only one or two.

We should beat Minnesota. We’re a year away from reaching our potential, just like the 1981 Blackledge team that won it all at the Sugar Bowl the next season. We have some really talented sophomores who will give us one more year.

And I agree with Neil Rudel that the last game of the season should be against Michigan State.

Lu Dorfman, Houston


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