Game day is not Franklin’s strength

P.J. Fleck had his team ready to play, and Minnesota outcoached James Franklin and outplayed Penn State.

A six-man offensive line leaves one less eligible receiver. Franklin and defensive Brent Pry were clueless, and Minnesota’s receivers were running wide open by 10-15-20 yards with no pass rush.

Who gets to wear the “Lawn Boyz” necklace this week?

Again at crunch time, Franklin and offensive coordinator Ricky Rahne’s playcalling in the red zone milks over three minutes off the clock by running ball three times when time is critical, and we need two touchdowns to win.

The fourth down and futile pass attempt at a triple-covered KJ Hamler was a failure.

Absolutely and again, Franklin’s game day coaching is the worst in college football.

He can recruit all the four- and five-star recruits he wants, but his inability on game day will eventually and always lead to the same result.

We’ve seen it constantly over the last six years — Ohio State, Pitt, Temple, USC, Kentucky, Michigan, Michigan State.

Now, he’s gift wrapped Minnesota with its greatest football victory in possibly its entire history.

It’s time for the flim-flam man to take his act somewhere else.

I hope he leaves for Florida State or USC as the Penn State team, university, season-ticket holders and fans are doomed to his inability on game day.

Ed Hill


Minnesota delivers another nightmare

It seems like every 20 years Minnesota finds a way to crush our dreams.

My dad and I sat through the 1999 debacle at Beaver Stadium. People forget that this used to happen to Joe Paterno’s teams way more than we liked.

The two things that concern me going forward was the horrible play of our wide receivers and the coaching mistakes. This could have been Justin Shorter’s coming-out party, but instead was a debacle for the kid.

The drops and lack of precision on routes make me wonder whether Gerad Parker was really an upgrade. The same problems from last year are still there. Sean Clifford doesn’t throw the most accurate ball, but some of those throws should have been caught.

What really bothers me as we look at what’s been exposed by this game is the failure of the coaching staff. Again Franklin and staff got outcoached.

They seemed unprepared, unable to make adjustments quickly and incapable of game management. Every game comes down to a few plays, and for me, it’s the delay of game, the spike, and the 2-point conversion.

Those three moments show a lack of preparation and a lack of composure on the sideline. They are the kind of problems that are hard to fix because, well, who’s going to coach the coaches?

Sadly, I think we’ve got a great staff but one that’s not elite.

Steve Abrams

Los Angeles


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