Portage official fondly remembered

Several days ago, the community of Portage and surrounding areas were saddened by the passing of Ed Layo, a longtime and well known PIAA football and softball sports official.

He was a former teacher in the Portage Area School District. He was 93 when he passed away and spent many years working these sports for over 50 years.

He passed his officials’ tests in 1958 and worked until approximately 2002.

I attended his viewing, and there were many familiar faces with sports backgrounds there to pay their respects for the many of his experiences he passed on to all of us.

Lots of us prospered through his guidance and mentoring. He officiated his games with confidence and a friendly, effective demeanor.

He was well liked and respected by coaches, players fans and his fellow officials. He enjoyed a full life with his family, friends and people in general.

I will always remember him as my friend, and I’m sure he went straight to heaven.

Tom Link


Wheeler sells Westmont short

I read the report in the Mirror of the Westmont-Bishop Guilfoyle football game this past Saturday.

The game report was by Eric Knopsnyder.

The final score was Westmont 27, Bishop Guilfoyle 7. The game statistics showed Westmont gained over 300 yards on the ground, did not punt and did not throw a pass.

Last year, Westmont beat Bishop Guilfoyle 30-0.

After Saturday’s game, BG coach Justin Wheeler said, “A couple of things here and there, and it’s a completely different ballgame. I don’t think they’re any better than us, by any means, but today they made the plays they needed to do to beat us.”

That’s a very interesting comment by a coach whose team has lost to Westmont by a total score of 57-7 the past two years.

It seems that Westmont is a much better team than Wheeler thinks.

In a month, BG plays at Richland. This year, Richland is a higher rated team than Westmont. (Last year, Richland beat BG 42-0). The final score of this year’s game should be similar to last year’s outcome.

Wheeler might try to be a both more honest and more gracious after the Richland game.

Byron Ferg


Hart right about the Dodgers

Much as I hate to say it, I have to agree with Les Hart, who hit the nail on the head in last week’s mailbag about the Dodgers.

Hart said the Dodgers can’t hit good pitching, and I agree. The 1955 Dodgers would not be proud of this team. If the Dodgers make it to the World Series — and I mean if — they will choke, like they did in the last two World Series.

But no matter what they do this year, I will still be a diehard Dodger fan.

John Wise



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