AAF gets passing mark on its inaugural weekend

I attended the inaugural Alliance of American Football game between San Antonio and San Diego at San Antonio.

A few other takeaways:

The pace of the game was great. Not a lot of down time, and it seemed like continuous play at times.

Teams were in and out of the huddle quickly. I think the league accomplished what it was shooting for with the pace of play.

Quarterbacks will be adjusting, I’m sure, as plays were snapped often with no time on the play clock.

It was very fan friendly.

The 2-point conversion being a must was good as well. It eliminates the slow pace when teams are trying to ice the kicker.

As for the kickers themselves, we saw some very good directional punting with good distance. For me, the kicking was as good as any NFL game that I have seen.

One final but very good observation for the league is that we didn’t hear one negative word or opinion but lots of good comments.

Will Walk

Spring, Texas


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