For Saints, what goes around …

Sunday Sports Mailbag

I’m happy that the New Orleans Saints aren’t going to the Super Bowl.

I remember back in 2009 when they won the Super Bowl and then for the next two-three years, they started paying a bounty to players who hurt players on the opposing team.

What were they thinking? Albert Einstein said it best: “The difference between brilliance and stupidity is that brilliance has its limits.”

It was called “Bountygate.” The Saints actually targeted players to go after. It’s well documented online if you want to read about it.

Fines were levied against the team and its owners, and coaches were suspended — including head coach Sean Payton — but the amounts were postage-stamp fines, and later a federal judge threw out the whole case, which essentially pardoned everyone.

They should have changed their name to the New Orleans Devils.

Those cast of characters are still part of the New Orleans organization. In my humble opinion, that NFL official who overlooked the egregious pass interference call by the Rams was thinking back when “payback is hell” but at times very deserving.

Frank Fedeli


Let healthy sportsmanship prevail

It’s refreshing to see the non-profit Tri-Municipal Park Inc. readying multi-play fields, sand volleyball courts, disc golf, an orchard, walking trails, a pavilion and more on a 165-acre Centre Hall parcel.

When sports persons start utilizing these playing fields soon, a hope of mine is that playing fair will be a prime principle that they use use during their healthy competitions.

Many psychologists talk about how playing fair in sports is more important than winning. Some overly obsessive winners want to crush their enemies and will do whatever it takes to win, even if that means being cruel or cheating.

Strong lessons from youngsters’ clean-living days in sports carry over to real life. If parents help their children to be fair and fun to play with, then others will want to line up to play with them.

We should be teaching our children ways to develop their characters and do well at winning at life. And star players are those who can help their teammate’s blossom into becoming better players and people.

For the love of the game, when the park officially opens more fields this year, it would be nice to see respectful community members christen a persuasive entrance sign reminding players about how integral fair sportsmanship is.

Perhaps the Tri-Municipal Park board can take suggestions to include sporting slogans and mottos on such an inspiration park entrance sign.

Jim Banholzer

Potter Township

McSorley has goods to make NFL 

I think Jon Gruden and other NFL coaches saw what they wanted to see of Trace McSorley with good passing in the Senior Bowl and that run for a touchdown.

I think he will be good insurance as a backup QB in the NFL.

He has no baggage and is a great leader and well liked.

I think he will go in the late rounds, and I would like to see him go to the Giants, Packers, Texans or Raiders. Anyway, he can sleep well and get ready for the NFL Combine.

Les Hart



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