For PSU hoop fans, patience thin

Sunday Sports Mailbag

As I watched the Penn State basketball game against Minnesota, why did I think near the end: Here we go again?

Yes, the Nittany Lions played very hard and usually stay in the game, but at the end, we know a timeout will be called, and inevitably things go bad, and there’s another Big 10 loss.

For the last eight years, we have been told we will build a program.

Every year, either Pat Chambers or Steve Jones will say we are a young team, and our time of winning is coming. Let’s look at the last eight years.

Penn State finally gets to a postseason tournament, the CBI, and we are told this is a start. Penn State begins to commit some great talent, and we are on our way to winning.

Penn State gets to the NIT Tournament after seven years and becomes champions.

The eighth year, our top player decides to go pro, but we still have some good talent coming back and another great recruiting class.

What happened in these eight years of Chambers building a program?

Entering Saturday’s game with visiting Rutgers, Penn State was 0-8 in the Big Ten, Chambers is 0-8 going to the NCAA Tournament, and probably won’t even get a CBI invite this year.

How long does Sandy Barbour think it takes to build a program?

This letter may sound negative, but the statistics speak for themselves, and it is what it is.

Byron Lasser


PSU excuses are never ending

I am not a basketball fan, but I see and hear the never-ending post-game explanations for the Penn State program’s losing ways.

If there is any hope left by now for a future Pat Chambers coaching position at any level, he should curtail his post-game video appearances to explain the most recent loss.

He should merely show a multiple choice box — A-B-C-D — under the post-game scoring announcement. Or all of the above.

To make a statement that “we are the best 0-8 team in the country” is certainly not encouraging.

Penn State proud? That is some accolade.

Bob Reed, Hollidaysburg


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