Michigan trip less than enjoyable

From the moment that my family and I arrived on the campus of the University of Michigan, we were treated kindly and even welcomed.

We spoke to several Michigan fans as we walked and shopped their beautiful city. One gentleman took a family photo for us and asked if we were being treated fairly.

It was a different story once the game started.

The Michigan fans seated to our right, to our left and in front of us were friendly and supportive. A few guys behind us, however, heckled us throughout the entire game.

We did nothing to warrant their verbal attacks nor did we acknowledge them. Even Michigan fans told them to knock it off.

We paid a small fortune for our tickets and drove six hours to support our Nittany Lions. We did not deserve to have our experience spoiled.

Please keep this in mind as you come across opposing fans on your home turf.

They are there to support their team and, hopefully, have a great out-of-town experience.

Don’t be that guy.

Mary J. Fochler


Dodgers need help

Much as I hate to say it, I agree with Les Hart on the Dodgers.

They played bad baseball. They could not get hits when they needed them. They would swing at bad pitches.

Why do they have a hitting coach? The Dodgers need to clean house starting with Taylor Turner.

The 1955 Dodgers would not be proud of this team the way they played. The Dodgers got beat by a better team. As the Dodgers of the past would say, wait until next year.

So, I guess I will have to wait until next year.

John Wise



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