Sunday Sports Mailbag: PIAA changes are ‘decades overdue’


I most certainly support separate playoffs for public and private schools.

All of my public school years were spent in District 6. Twenty years following graduation from high school were spent in the Philadelphia area, and five years after that were spent in District 4 while our son was a basketball and track athlete at Lewisburg Area High School.

First hand, I saw the inequities of public schools having to compete against private schools in athletics.

Two years in a row the Lewisburg boys basketball team that our son played for had to play Lourdes Regional in the state playoffs. School size comparison was not relevant as Lourdes had student-athletes from outside their school district.

In football, for several years Imhotep Charter from Philadelphia was a Class AA participant. This made a travesty out of the intent of the PIAA classification process, because irrespective of Imhotep’s student count, almost all of the football players were recruited from areas that were no where near the school. And they were recruited specifically because of their football talents.

How could that have possibly been fair to a true Class AA public school that was restricted to having student-athletes that were only from their school’s defined district?

The proposed change to public vs. public and private vs. private is, unfortunately, decades overdue.

C. James Meese, Jr.

Raleigh, N.C.

(The writer graduated from Hollidaysburg Area High School in 1959.)

School districts making ‘super’ effort

On the public-private school playoff debate, a change is long overdue.

Now several area superintendents are forcing the issue in hopes of getting the usual struggles of change or at least the attention of the PIAA.

Kudos for these superintendents for stepping up.

Perry Haupt