49ers primed for Super Bowl charge

Sunday Sports Mailbag

It may seem like a stretch to place the San Francisco 49ers in the Super Bowl nearly three months before the season even starts, but it appears as if things are falling into place for this team to appear on football’s biggest stage.

As of now, the 49ers hold 25-1 odds to win Super Bowl LIII.

Headed into the 2017 season, the Philadelphia Eagles’ odds were 50-1. The 49ers are in a similar position as the Eagles were with a relatively new head coach and a talented young core of players.

The 49ers started last season slowly, going 1-10 through week 12. After trading for quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo and inserting him in the starting lineup, the 49ers rattled off five straight wins, led by Garappolo.

Under head coach Kyle Shanahan’s offense, Garoppolo should continue to dominate defenses while some of the younger first- and second-year players develop into top-level talents.

With multiple first-round defensive line picks yet to make a major impact and Reuben Foster now off the hook with legal issues, look for the 49ers’ defense to be one of the league’s best as they make a run to the Super Bowl.

Ben McCloskey


‘Field of Dreams’ stands out among sports movies

The Mirror’s recent question of the week asked for favorite sports movies.

What stands out to me is “Field of Dreams.”

The voice and captions you would hear and see on scoreboards was “build it and they will come.”

I have no trouble seeing the movie over and over again as I learn new things about it each time.

It was a unique movie — “Shoeless” Joe Jackson and those guys coming out of the corn fields in Iowa and playing scrimmage games and then going back into the corn stalks and disappearing.

My second-favorite movie is “The Blind Side,” starring Sandra Bullock, who took in a poor African-American boy, adopted him and helped mentor him into a professional football player.

Les Hart