Penn State recruiting continues to open doors

Several weeks ago, I wrote a letter in which I felt Saquon Barkley’s success and personality would be a magnet that would lure more four-and five-star football recruits to Penn State in the present and future.

It is already paying off with the No. 1 tailback, Devyn Ford, committing and possibly Noah Cain right behind him. This is also going open the doors for other position players.

If Trace McSorley has an outstanding year, let it be known that the Saquon Barkley magnetism will also draw 5-star dual QBs.

In short, Penn State football is on the move and will compete in the playoffs perhaps this season and certainly in 2019 and on. Penn State is on a roll.

Maybe those NCAA sanctions actually did Penn State a big favor.

It’s also good to mention that the men’s basketball program is moving forward in a more positive way. I now feel coach Patrick Chambers and his staff will be around a long time.

Les Hart