Writer eats crow served by Chambers

It has been since 2009 that the Penn State basketball program has won the NIT.

But this one has to be the best one. I have been a big critic of coach Pat Chambers for the last three years and felt his time to go was overdue.

Boy, how wrong I was.

Evidently his time as an assistant coach at Villanova from 2004-09 has rubbed off on him in a winning way.

What Chambers needed was to find the right hot spot for recruiting. It took a while and much needed patience to pay off.

The Philadelphia area and, in particular, Roman Catholic High School were the places to start. Penn State had nine players from Philadelphia on this year’s roster.

Chambers has paid his dues and should now be around a long time in Happy Valley. It could not happen to a better gentleman of outstanding integrity.

I also have to believe that he got private tutoring from Villanova coach Jay Wright on how to put the right pieces of the puzzle together.

Losing Tony Carr will leave a major void, but the team will have to close ranks and keep going. Recruiting wise, I think this is a plus for Penn State when high school recruits see Carr heading for the NBA.

As I see it, it’s a win-win.

Les Hart



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