Browns need to draft Barkley

There is no question that the Cleveland Browns need help at all positions.

They have been at the bottom of the NFL for the past few years and this past season became just the second team to go winless.

Over the past two seasons, the Browns have an abysmal record of 1-31.

Many people attribute these atrocious seasons to Cleveland’s lack of a quarterback. Cleveland holds the first and fourth pick in this year’s NFL draft. Many analysts suspect the Browns will use the first to take a quarterback.

Every quarterback in this draft has a flaw, whether it’s Sam Darnold’s turnovers, Josh Rosen’s injuries, or Josh Allen’s potential versus risk.

But there is one player that stands above the rest. Running back Saquon Barkley from Penn State has everything it takes to potentially put the Browns over the hump.

Barkley has few questions about how gifted he is, hasn’t had the injury bug, poses very little risk, and has everything it takes to be an NFL running back.

Pick No. 4 is when the Browns could select a QB such as Allen, Rosen or Baker Mayfield. Running backs take the pressure off the quarterbacks, allowing them to make more plays and have more time in the pocket if the defense has to worry about another threat from the backfield.

Barkley appears to be the top pick, but the Browns could be too antsy and take a QB in hopes of turning the franchise around.

Ben McCloskey


PSU defections dampen enthusiasm

After Penn State won the NIT with a team that looked solid enough for next season to make the NCAA Tournament, I felt confident enough to purchase tickets for next season.

Now, I am not so sure.

It’s bad enough losing 3-point ace Shep Garner to graduation and Big Ten leading scorer Tony Carr early to the NBA draft, but now I see freshman Nazeer Bostick is transferring.

That tells me next year’s team will be weak and might not make the NCAAs.

I see we are recruiting a 6-foot-7 guard-forward type player from Russia, but are there any experienced transfers to pick up the slack?

That is a major concern.

Maybe I better continue buying men’s ice hockey tickets, not knowing if next year’s basketball team will be better. However, Guy Gadowsky can’t seem to get this program beyond the first round in the NCAA tournament.

Les Hart


Wanted: FM sports radio

Steve Sampsell is right. It’s time that central Pennsylvania has an FM sports radio station.

People are buying FM-only radios so it only makes sense.

Terry Smith



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