Facts on champion Eagles get in Hart’s way

This letter is in response to Les Hart about the Philadelphia Eagles being lucky.

Let’s stick to facts, Les, instead of your opinion.

Fact No. 1: The Eagles defense (Brandon Graham) stripped Tom Brady of the ball on a timely play and Derrick Barrett recovered it. No luck involved. It was a play dialed up by the coaching staff.

Fact 2: Zach Ertz clearly caught the ball, ran three steps, was being tackled and dove over the goal line for a touchdown. It was reviewed and upheld. Unless, that is, they were supposed to call Les Hart for confirmation.

Fact 3: Philadelphia Eagles are Super Bowl champions. Now, as far as luck goes, New England was lucky to be in this game, thanks to Brady, because Doug Peterson clearly outcoached Bill Belichick. It was a great game start to finish. Get used to this Les, as February rolls around every year, you’ll have Groundhog Day, Eagles in the Super Bowl and you and the Mirror singing “I got you babe.”

Just like Bill Murray’s movie. Keep an open phone line, Les: You never know when Belichick will call to see what his next strategic move should be.

Tom Wiedman



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