Plenty of sports role models for kids

I am worried about many of our young athletes.

There is far too much fighting going on at sporting events at all of the levels. I am concerned about the pros, all the way down to the pee wees and Little League ages.

The rumbles with opponents, the getting furious at officials over bad calls or not being fair, and shouting horrible obscenities from the stands has got to stop.

We as adults need to help build good character in young people. Our children look up to us not only because of our stature but mainly due to who we are and what we mean to them.

I believe if we instill good thoughts and beliefs in a child’s mind and inspire children to cherish life instead of demeaning it, we will be shaping them to be fine young individuals.

Introduce your kids, students and team players to volunteering with Special Olympics or The Miracle League. These are great places to start. The Arc of Blair County is always looking for passionate volunteers. www.thearcblair.org.

Let’s say you really love horses. Well, a child with a developmental disability is most likely to really really love horses. There’s a wonderful therapeutic horseback riding program called Dreams Go On, which is located in Hollidaysburg.

These simple acts of kindness and altruism represent sportsmanship at its best and what our society desperately needs. Winning and losing won’t be as important to you, but watching a friend with Downs Syndrome hit a ball off of a tee for the first time, or a child in a wheelchair swoosh that basket — “nothing but net!” — will give you such a great feeling that your friends and family may catch on to what you are doing and try it themselves.

Children need inspirational and motivational role models. Young athletes need to look up to sports stars like Tim Tebow, Drew Brees, Serena Williams, Neymar Jr., Doug Flutie and Mario Lemieux.

I talk to many children and teens who always seem bored and end up searching negative content on the Internet or seeking out the wrong kind of friends or crowds. Children yearn to learn. Perhaps your child or a child you know is more inclined to participate in leisurely activities. There’s a new group in town called ArtsAltoona, and they are compiling and recruiting a creative task team to demonstrate and display art, music, dance, and theater in a positive way for young people in our community.

Athletes who play an instrument and dance seem to have a much better sense of timing, rhythm and even coordination. Are you a fan of the Steel Curtain? Did you know Rocky Bleier played the trumpet and Lynn Swann took ballet?

Finally, we can all deflate bullying in the long run by trying to show children how to accept others exactly for who they are, here and now.

Cory B. Geishauser

Superintendent of Recreation

Central Blair Recreation and Park Commission

Steelers are own worst enemy

The Steelers lost to Jacksonville due to poor execution and giving the enemy motivation with their chatter.

Will they learn from this? Probably not since some guys on the team can’t control their egos and big mouths. Again, loose lips/chatter sink ships.

It has been seven years since they were in their last Super Bowl and lost that one. Ben Roethlisberger needs to get serious and retire as he is getting too many hits. Eventually, he will take one hit too many, and that will be his waterloo.

Mike Tomlin can’t get the job done. He won his only Super Bowl using Bill Cowher’s best players.

It just happened during Tomlin’s watch.

Les Hart



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