Giger story brings out best of Cabinda

Reading a recent Cory Giger article (Dec. 28) about a truly unusual college football player, Penn State linebacker Jason Cabinda, reassured me that with such graduating college athletes, our society still has a chance.

Often college athletes are touted for their physical prowess and sometimes brawn.

Rarely do athletes feel comfortable speaking out on complex issues such as race relations and social injustices.

Cabinda used the recent media event in Scottsdale, Arizona, to share his views on some “hot-button issues.”

He bravely proposed, “To me, we’re all people here, why can’t we all be on the same page? As simple as that. I look at it as I don’t see why everyone can’t be friendly or civil with each other. I don’t think that is too much to ask for.”

The article goes on to point out how Cabinda has employed social media to foster such positive positions.

Cabinda further points out that people in society need to listen to others and try to understand where they are coming from.

Such advice needs to be embraced by our politicians and surely by our “tweet-happy” president. The article concludes by pointing out the many options available to Cabinda — the NFL, a career in economics or a future in politics.

I vote for a political career. We need such open-minded youthful thinking.

I congratulate Giger for drafting such an article which portrays a football player as a young man who stands for important societal issues as well as his playing skills.

William J. Padamonsky Sr.


PSU still must focus on improving up front

With the impressive Fiesta Bowl victory, it’s been another successful Penn State season.

That said, I believe for Penn State to take it to the next (championship) level, we need to improve the defensive interior line and surprise, surprise the offensive line.

Relative to the latter, I know most are coming back, but if they are not very good in the first place, we will still see the same problems we witnessed all year with a few exceptions.

On the defensive side, we seem to be really good at recruiting defensive end speed rushers but not so good in the interior. In fact, we have a real logjam of DEs, and perhaps the plan is to bulk some of these guys up for the interior.

That also means the linebackers (front seven) for when you look at Ohio State, Alabama, Georgia and Clemson, they all have dominant front sevens.

Tim Muri

Naperville, Ill.

Question of the week

Was Le’Veon Bell out of line to talk about his contract just before the Steeler playoffs start?

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