Here’s catch: Rule was misinterpreted

After reading John Mehno’s article in the Altoona Mirror about Jesse James’s catch being ruled correctly, I must disagree.

NFL Rules Article 3, Section C says:

A player who makes a catch may advance the ball. A forward pass is complete (by the offense) or intercepted (by the defense) if a player, who is inbounds:

A — secures control of the ball in his hands or arms prior to the ball touching the ground; and

B — touches the ground inbounds with both feet or with any part of his body other than his hands;

C — maintains control of the ball long enough, after A and B have been fulfilled, to enable him to perform any act common to the game (i.e., maintaining control long enough to pitch it, pass it, advance with it, or avoid or ward off an opponent, etc.).

While he was still in the field of play, James had possession of the ball, knees on the ground, which meets the requirements in sections A and B, advanced it by reaching out into the end zone, before the ball came loose.

Since the ball crossed the goal line while still in his possession, it should have been ruled a touchdown. According to the rules, he made a “football move,” the catch was completed, the ball crossed the goal line plane. Touchdown!

If this exact same play would have occurred, say at the 20-yard line and the ball bounced away from James after reaching and advancing the way he did, and was recovered by an opposing player, would they not have been examining the replay to determine if it was a completed pass or fumble?

They always look to see if the receiver made a football move to determine if the catch was complete or it was a fumble. If a football move was made, then it’s a completed pass and fumble. If not, then it’s incomplete.

What am I missing here?

Pat Anderson


Recruiting may be challenge for Pry

As of right now, the Brent Pry situation is in good shape as far as he and Penn State are concerned.

However, effective immediately, his job as a recruiter on the defensive side of the ball just got a lot tougher. Recruits are going to start wondering who their defensive coordinator will be after this next football season.

And if the players themselves are not asking that question, then you can believe that the coaches from other teams recruiting those same players will be filling their heads with the same questions. Will he be there after next season?

Will he be there for the same number of years that they are committing to Penn State?

Yes, it’s part of the game that every team has to deal with, and as Pry himself pointed out, it’s impossible for these things not to get out for the players to read and hear in the age of social media.

Now, if Pry can continue to recruit top-notch defensive players to Penn State, then it becomes a win-win situation for Penn State and Pry for future job offers.

Will Walk

Spring, Texas

Bloom has come off Rose, PSU spikers

The Penn State women’s volleyball team, once a dominating program, has fallen big-time.

The Nebraska Cornhuskers have now beaten Penn State Nittany Lions in seven straight matches going back to last year, and Penn State has not won a national title since 2014.

This year’s senior-laden team looked out of sync, lacked communication in setting up plays, and just couldn’t generate any consistency.

I have been saying Coach Russ Rose should hang it up and enjoy his remaining years knowing he is in the NCAA Hall of Fame, and you can’t lose there.

Nebraska and Stanford are the new frontrunners in women’s volleyball. Penn State was the kingpin but no longer.

Of 31 sports programs, Penn State will most likely dominate in men’s wrestling with the best college coach in wrestling, Cael Sanderson.

The Stanford Cardinal have the best all-around sports programs year in and year out. Academic ability and athletic ability have a lot in common when it comes to champions.

Les Hart


Mayfield didn’t deserve Heisman

Heisman Trophy voters: Please tell me why the voters voted Baker Mayfield for the Heisman Trophy.

This so-called “role model” was shown on national TV making obscene gestures toward his opponents a few weeks ago.

Could the voters be grooming this guy for the NFL? I believe this is a sad year that he was picked above the other three players who were more deserving.

Lonnie Laratonda



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