Brooklyn fan will never forget the ‘Bums’

I am responding to last week’s letter from John Wise.

There are no real true Dodger fans alive except maybe me. I’m the true Brooklyn Dodger diehard, starting in 1941 and expiring in 1958 when the love of my life deserted me to become the Los Angeles Dodgers for more money.

I’m reading a book, out of boredom, in my daily gym workouts, aptly titled “Bums,” an oral history of “The Brooklyn Dodgers by Peter Goldenbock.”

Running off like a tramp for more money is unforgivable. You could forgive your wife like any diehard would.

But hey, we’re talking about the beloved “Bums.”

Read it. You’ll find out what a real Dodger fan was all about.

It’s dedicated by the author “to each and every one of those Brooklyn Dodger fans who lost so much, so soon, for so little reason.”

John K. Coyle



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