Sharing Heinz Field good for Pitt

I read the recent letter to the mailbag about Pitt football by George “Feather” Feher.

It is interesting to know and gain some insight from the former Pitt player.

He writes “that a shroud of stupid cover the entire Pitt football team.”

This started in 1999 when Pitt, under athletic director Steve Peterson, demolished Pitt Stadium.

Feher writes that the university needs a stadium to win a national championship. Because it is sharing Heinz Field, Feher states and points to NCAA history, Pitt will never win a national championship.

He suggests, “Holding back all financial support to the football program and contribute to other Pitt athletic programs with a chance to win a national championship title or donate to none at all.”

I have never heard of such stupidity. How can stadiums have any bearing on winning championships?

What contributes to championships is team performance and that alone. The weather in Henderson, Nevada, must be affecting Feher’s reasoning.

The University of Pittsburgh was smart to be sharing Heinz Field because of the expense to maintain a stadium. It is worth noting that this former college football player is having some fantasy problems or hallucinations.

David R. Clapper


Big Ben on way out

I admire Big Ben Roethlisberger, who has two Super Bowl rings during his time.

My gut feel tells me at age 35 and seeing the number of other NFL players, current and past, with a history of concussions and other damage to their physical bodies, I think Big Ben will hang it up after this season.

His family means a lot to him, and they want him to live a normal life in retirement.

He is financially well off and may have other goals would he want to seek based on his age. Also, there is some “trouble in River City” over this kneeling with political stuff.

The Steelers really screwed up when they didn’t go out and join forces with Alejandro Villanueva, the West Point graduate who spent two tours of duty as an Army Ranger in Afghanistan.

Enough said.

SMSgt Les Hart



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