Details lacking on Sanderson deal

Penn State did the right thing with retaining Cael Sanderson for an extended period of time, but nothing was shared with the public about the length of his extension or the amount of money he will paid.

I suspect that this was the decision of Penn State and not Cory Giger, who wrote the article.

At the same time, we learned some things that we’ve already known, and that is that James Franklin had an initial six-year contract with two years remaining.

We were told by athletic director Sandy Barbour that Franklin’s contract was a bit more difficult to negotiate and resolve, but that the school is 100 percent committed to him.

Since Barbour didn’t share it, does that mean that Penn State is not 100 percent committed to Sanderson? If the school is, then the AD should say it. Why is Barbour not being as transparent with regards to Sanderson as they always have been with Franklin?

Whatever Cael Sanderson got was certainly earned and probably should have been more. After all, he has won six national championships at Penn State over the past seven years.

That’s the type of successful coach any school would want to retain. Every wrestling fan in the country knows about the success of Penn State wrestling, and they know about Sanderson’s career.

All of this generates nationally and significant positive public relations for Penn State.

Will Walk

Spring, Texas

Simpson will find trouble again

O.J. Simpson, if you don’t know, was released from state prison on restricted parole after serving nine years for assault, kidnapping and theft.

He plans to live in Florida with his two kids and play golf probably with Tiger Woods.

Both celebrities are cocky and feel they are above the law.

I watched the parole board hearing on July 21 and felt it was a waste of time. Simpson was his usual self and deserved an academy award for half truths and full lies. I sat there amused as he manipulated the five board members.

My personal opinion is he will get into trouble and back into prison in about a year or two. He is a sociopath, violent personality and loves to destroy others by whatever means.

For the Goldman family, there was major disappointment and no closure.

Simpson lost a civil law case back in 2004 and must pay the Goldman’s $33.5 million, which they will never ever see.

One final note: The NFL Football Hall of Fame is tarnished as the bust of O.J. Simpson has never been removed from its pedestal and should be stored in a basement room covered.

Les Hart



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