Be careful about reducing stadium


Penn State athletic director Sandy Barbour stated she wants to reduce the capacity of Beaver Stadium to 100,000 (NitWits, Oct. 16, 2016), for a better fan experience.

If she had her druthers, there would have been 7,000 fans denied the opportunity to experience the PSU-Ohio State whiteout.

Beaver Stadium has long had the reputation of one of the most hostile environments for visiting teams.

The PSU fans are proud to create this atmosphere.

Barbour wants to reduce the capacity, make Beaver Stadium “more friendly” and raise ticket prices. As a lifelong PSU fan, don’t tread on tradition. We are…

Ken “Jake” Watkins


Massillon tried to make amends with Altoona

I enjoyed and appreciated Mike Union of Duncansville’s letter last week verifying my late father’s account of the 1966 Massillon vs. Altoona High football game.

I suspected Massillon was making amends for the way Altoona’s fans were treated when I recently read in the Mirror’s yesteryear column, 50 years ago, that Massillon was honoring Altoona for the Mountain Lions’ victory.

What city council does that — unless they have something they are ashamed of?

It was a nice memory of my late father some 18 years after his painful death from brain cancer.

Richard L. Boston