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Media crying wolf over Trump

July 29, 2016 Dear Mainstream Media and Democrats: It’s your turn. more »»

What can discrimination explain?

July 28, 2016 A guiding principle for physicians is primum non nocere, the Latin expression for “first, do no harm. more »»

Outlining path ahead for Clinton

July 28, 2016 PHILADELPHIA — En route to fight one of his many duels, French politician Georges Clemenceau bought a one-way train ticket. Was he pessimistic? “Not at al. more »»

Evidence needed for extradition

July 24, 2016 Turkish President-turned-strongman Recep Tayyip Erdogan has taken advantage of the recent failed coup attempt against him by racing to impose even further control. more »»

Teenager’s texts can be used in court

July 24, 2016 Everyone knows teenagers say and do stupid things. Sometimes, really stupid things. And unless you’ve kept the teenager in your life under a rock, they also text each other way too much. more »»

Expansion destroying Medicare

July 24, 2016 Hillary Clinton is taking a sledgehammer to Medicare. more »»

Sanctuary hospitals: Who pays?

July 22, 2016 Medical bills are pushing more Americans into severe financial distress, even if they have insurance. That’s the grim news from a top medical journal. more »»

PSU acted properly in mediation

July 22, 2016 As a mediator for more than three decades, I have helped resolve some of the nation’s most protracted, complex and emotional disputes. more »»

Will women at last create a new world order?

July 22, 2016 It has occurred to me, during this hot summer week, that perhaps we are finally seeing what my beloved mother used to say occasionally — that the world really would be better off if women were to ru... more »»

Americans must hold onto hope

July 19, 2016 My heart is full as I continue to grieve for Seth Rich, shot by an unknown assailant as he walked to his Washington, D.C., home on July 10. Seth was my colleague at the Democratic National Committe. more »»

Who will keep us safe?

July 19, 2016 Nice, France, of all places. But of course a terrorist in love with death would choose one of the world’s most beautiful coastal cities to mow down innocents in a moment of celebratio. more »»

At Fox, sexism is business

July 18, 2016 What to make of Gretchen Carlson’s suit against Fox News Chairman Roger Ailes alleging sexual harassment? If Ailes did demand sex as a condition of her employment and Carlson can prove it, then she’... more »»

Stories turned negative as Trump won

July 18, 2016 A new report from Harvard University says press coverage of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign became progressively more negative as Trump built a lead in the Republican primaries — and soared... more »»

Comey’s Clinton probe deja vu all over

July 17, 2016 When James Comey announced his decision not to recommend the prosecution of Hillary Clinton for the misuse of classified information, it was not his first investigation of Clinton that ended without... more »»

Discussions must face realities of race

July 17, 2016 By now most Americans know the name of Dallas Police Chief David Brown — and quite a few wouldn’t mind seeing him play a larger national role. more »»

Americans are back in action

July 16, 2016 Reports of NASA’s Juno spacecraft’s entering the orbit around Jupiter lit a sparkler in this American heart — on the Fourth of July, no less. It showed that Americans still have what it takes. more »»

Is anemic growth the new normal?

July 16, 2016 America’s economy has now slouched into the eighth year of a recovery demonstrating how much we have defined recovery down. more »»

Tragedies reveal ideological blind spots

July 15, 2016 It seems almost ghoulish to look for a silver lining in the dark cloud that blanketed the nation last week. But I think there was one. more »»

So-called scandal collapses

July 15, 2016 Minutes before the news broke that FBI Director James B. more »»

House bill on gambling no sure bet

July 11, 2016 Like it or not, gambling and human civilization go hand in hand. It’s an activity that’s likely existed since the very dawn of man. In fact, the earliest evidence of gambling dates to 2,300 B.C. more »»

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