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State’s great cover-ups continue

May 10, 2016 Did Joe know? News accounts indicate a Penn State insurer claimed “in 1976, a child allegedly reported to PSU’s head coach Joseph Paterno that he (the child) was sexually molested by Sandusky. more »»

Shadow cabinet for Trump

May 10, 2016 Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, has broken just about every political rule and precedent this election cycle, so what difference would it make if he broke one more?... more »»

Pandering top Senate priority

May 7, 2016 If pandering to narrow interests could be transferred into energy, the Pennsylvania Senate majority would be a powerhouse. After Gov. more »»

Trump has conquered the GOP

May 7, 2016 In 2008 and 2012, John McCain and Mitt Romney were not the top choice for most Republicans. Many GOP voters agonized about whether they should hold their noses and vote for a candidate they disliked. more »»

Boost nurse practitioners’ role

May 7, 2016 This week is National Nurses Week (May 6-12). more »»

How Cruz fell from grace with Fiorina

May 6, 2016 WASHINGTON — When Shakespeare wrote the “truth will out,” he must have had Ted Cruz in mind. more »»

Throwing money down a hole

May 6, 2016 The Republican and Democratic presidential nominees have been chosen. Ignore the deluded supporters of Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz. It’s over. The odds at ElectionBettingOdds. more »»

The reason Russia resents us

May 5, 2016 Friday, a Russian SU-27 did a barrel roll over a U.S. RC-135 over the Baltic, the second time in two weeks. Also in April, the U.S. more »»

Whom to blame for Trump?

May 5, 2016 Whom to blame for Trump? Dr. Frankenstein created the monster that bore his name and if Dr. Jekyll had not conducted those experiments in his laboratory, Mr. more »»

Puerto Rican bonds, small investers

May 4, 2016 The TV ads flash the noble faces of American retirees and urge Washington to help protect their savings. The back story is kept rather vague. more »»

Economic rebound unlikely

May 4, 2016 GDP for the first quarter of 2016 came in at a paltry 0.5 percent. That sorry showing follows growth of 1.4 percent and 2 percent in the previous two quarters. more »»

Tubman right for the $20 bill

May 2, 2016 In an open letter, Treasury Secretary Jack Lew announced that African-American abolitionist Harriet Tubman will grace the new $20 bill. more »»

Refusing Trump brand of cigarettes

May 2, 2016 It should be a no brainer of a statement. Smoking cigarettes causes cancer. In fact, there are many things a person can smoke that do less damag. more »»

Union chief’s rhetoric dangerous

May 2, 2016 There is a stain darkening the city of Cleveland, and it is threatening to leach so many good intentions here as we prepare to welcome tens of thousands of visitors to the Republican National... more »»

Trump needs world ‘upside down’

May 1, 2016 When the Americans defeated the British at Yorktown, the surrendering British forces supposedly played “The World Turned Upside Down.” The song should be on the soundtrack at Donald Trump rallies. more »»

Let’s clear air in Pa. on state of air quality

April 29, 2016 Water quality has been in the news quite a bit recently, but the quality of something you take into your body every moment of every day — the air we all breathe — doesn’t seem to make waves very... more »»

We’ve become nation of thieves

April 29, 2016 Last month, I celebrated the beginning of my 81st year of life. more »»

Convicted felons get say in Virginia

April 29, 2016 Thanks to Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D-Va.) 200,000 convicted felons in the state of Virginia may now register to vote. more »»

‘Settled’ consensus du jour

April 27, 2016 WASHINGTON — Authoritarianism, always latent in progressivism, is becoming explicit. more »»

Let’s break from identity politics

April 27, 2016 Both parties sort voters by color and gender. Though there’s nothing new about promoting solidarity on the basis of genetics, it can get old really fast. more »»

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