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Backyard treat awaits area bird enthusiasts

February 12, 2012 Most outdoors enthusiasts here in south-central Pennsylvania naturally appreciate the diversity of wild birds we have in this region almost year-roun. more »»

Ladies and gentleman, please meet hunting’s ‘Femme Fatales’

February 12, 2012 Perhaps you have noticed the huge orange outdoors show presentations that advertise Joanie Haidle and me as the “Femme Fatales” of turkey hunting. This is a bit of hyperbole. more »»

Groundhog day not worth all of the hoopla

February 5, 2012 As much I enjoy folklore, legends and traditions, especially ones that have roots here in Pennsylvania, I find Groundhog Day and all the hoopla surrounding it a complete waste of time. more »»

The right thing to do is make WMU smaller

February 5, 2012 Both Facebook and Twitter are reporting that at the last meeting of the Game Commission, Jay Delaney, commissioner from District 7 in northeast Pennsylvania proposed that the boundary lines of WMU 3... more »»

Now is time to refurbish fishing lures for next season

January 29, 2012 This is about the time of year that I look forward to spending a few evenings doing some routine organization and maintenance on my fishing tackl. more »»

Bear population problems can be dealt with

January 29, 2012 How often have you had a black bear cross your path in deer season? I’ve had few seasons, actually, when I did not see a bear and a few times they nearly knocked me down as they hurried to escape... more »»

Winter feedings can benefit everyone

January 22, 2012 Biologists generally discourage the feeding of wild animals for a variety of valid reasons. more »»

Don't get caught up in the cute-animals-on-TV thing

January 22, 2012 Have you seen the commercial that shows the concerned driver who stops his vehicle in the woods to let the animals find shelter underneath? The commercial that sets me screaming every time I see it?... more »»

Dedicated grouse hunters can be successful

January 15, 2012 You couldn’t ask for a better flush. more »»

Dedicated grouse hunters can experience success

January 15, 2012 You couldn’t ask for a better flush. more »»

If you can talk, you can hunt

January 15, 2012 Our first hunt together was quite tentative. We had met just a short time before and didn’t know one another’s hunting style at all. more »»

Take the good with the bad with a wintery mix

January 8, 2012 I truly have a love-hate relationship with snow. I love the atmosphere it occasionally brings to my life but I hate shoveling it and driving in it. more »»

Watching raptors in winter is amazing

January 8, 2012 Last week, I traveled to State College to have lunch with an old friend. On the drive there and back, I was treated to an unusual amount of sightings of red-tailed hawks along the rout. more »»

Snow goose hunting extending into late April

January 1, 2012 Populations of snow geese have exploded in recent years. Biologists estimate that there were about 50,000 snow geese in the Atlantic Flyway during the 1960. more »»

Changes have been for better

January 1, 2012 On the first day of the year, outdoors persons all wonder what changes will be forthcoming this year. It all used to be much simpler. more »»

Age won't keep these outdoorsmen from having fun

December 18, 2011 With rifle oiled and put away for the most part, and flintlocks with all their needed accouterments at the ready for the day after Christmas when the extended deer season begins, hunters are still... more »»

Plenty of things to do despite the end of the regular deer season

December 18, 2011 I’ve never been much of a morning person except for those occasions when it is prudent to be out and about early in the day, such as a fishing trip or deer season, of course. more »»

Time to share some deer recipes

December 11, 2011 Because there are lots of freezers that are full of lean and healthy venison this time of year, here are a few of my very favorite ways to prepare it. more »»

Successful deer hunt can yield an ample supply of venison

December 11, 2011 As most successful deer hunters understand, the real work of deer hunting starts after you make the shot, starting with field-dressing and hauling the animal out of the woods. more »»

Pay attention for successful thicket hunting

December 4, 2011 By now, you are either cussing out the fact that you didn’t see a buck worth bagging or exulting over your 10-point trophy. more »»

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