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Hoping culprits are nabbed

March 18, 2014 I appreciated the Mirror’s front-page article (March 13) making the public aware of the attack on the ducks at Spring Dam in Roaring Sprin. more »»

Corbett, GOP should leave pensions alone

March 18, 2014 Gov. Corbett and the Republican legislators continue to bully teachers and the public-sector employees. This time they are proposing changes to the public employees’ pension systems. more »»

Big oil power overflowing

March 17, 2014 The people of Philadelphia are correct in their opposition to the XL Oil pipeline proposed to cut America in half to transport Canadian crude oil and also the Russian proposal to have an oil pipelin... more »»

No limit to needs of poor

March 17, 2014 Stan Brock is a philanthropist who found a need for medical care in remote areas of the world, mostly South America and Africa. In 1985, he started a nonprofit organization called Remote Area Medical. more »»

Killing food supply

March 15, 2014 It’s come to my attention for those of us out here in the know, for those of us who perhaps have a slightly scientific bent to them and that have a little bit of knowledge about GMOs. more »»

Ban private contributions to political candidates

March 14, 2014 There is a revolution occurring in New Hampshire that should ignite a following throughout the land. more »»

‘Taxpayers responsible for returns they sign’

March 14, 2014 In recent weeks, the U.S. more »»

Commitment to troops lacking

March 13, 2014 Under a new $8.1 billion program, Afghan farmers are now feeding U.S. troops. That’s right, the farmers are supplying locally grown fruits and vegetables to all dining facilities on U.S. more »»

Gesture appreciated during busy lunch hour

March 12, 2014 Last month at my beauty parlor, it was the usual hectic wait at lunch hour. One lady was told it would be about an hour wait, as we are all walk-ins. more »»

UPMC missing boat on USVEI deal

March 11, 2014 UPMC is batting 0-for-2 in Altoona. First, UPMC attempts to bully the nurses at its newly acquired Altoona Regional Hospita. more »»

Courageous effort

March 11, 2014 Kudos to Phoenix Fire Company of Hollidaysburg and our neighboring firefighters for their rapid response to the fierce blaze in downtown Hollidaysburg on a frigid, windy Feb. 27 morning. more »»

Butts, USVEI project deserved an extension

March 10, 2014 I just finished reading the article regarding Bon Secours being back on the market, and I am having a hard time understanding why another extension was not given to Dennis Butts and USVEI. more »»

Volunteer firefighters are a community blessing

March 10, 2014 Although the huge fire in Hollidaysburg a week ago did not affect me personally, all of my appreciation in the world wouldn’t be enough for the firefighters who fought that fire. more »»

Don’t turn on unions

March 8, 2014 Finally the truth: It’s not the failed policies of ABCD or the Chamber of Commerce to retain good paying jobs. more »»

Poor description

March 8, 2014 In a recent letter to the editor, a writer described CEOs as “filthy rich. more »»

In First Energy dispute, union shares the blame

March 7, 2014 I read with interest the Mirror’s editorial (Feb. 21) blaming First Energy Corp. for meters not getting read because of the lockout. more »»

‘Paycheck protection’ attacks labor system

March 6, 2014 In Harrisburg, legislation has been proposed to prevent the automatic withholding of union dues from public employees’ paychecks. more »»

Locals help woman get through snowstorm

March 5, 2014 I would like to say thank you to my snowstorm heroes. more »»

Staton owes judge for dismissing charges

March 5, 2014 Concerning the Mirror’s Feb. 21 article “Most of Staton’s charges dismissed”: You’ve got to be kidding me. I hope Staton finds a way to thank the nice judge. James J. more »»

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