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‘We live in monarchy’

December 14, 2015 Once more Americans are forced to realize we are not living in a democracy. We are living in a monarchy, and the NRA is king. All bow and kneel to the holy lord of the land. All hail the NRA. more »»

Hollidaysburg chorus hits another high note

December 14, 2015 I just got home from attending the Hollidaysburg Community Chorus presentation of “Good News! It’s Christmas,” directed by Sandy Hartei. more »»

Altoona should think about Democratic rule

December 14, 2015 The year 2015 ends with very little change for Altoona: The same Republican mentality continues. Take from the poorer folks and give it to the wealthy. more »»

Teenagers must be held accountable, too

December 12, 2015 We were all young and dumb and made some bad decisions growing up, and, in today’s society, this is becoming more and more frequent. more »»

‘Guns don’t pull their own triggers’

December 11, 2015 Dennis Minori’s recent anti-Second Amendment letter (“Second Amendment needs to be updated,” Nov. 23)?is wrong on so many counts that it’s difficult to know where to star. more »»

We’re to blame for legislators’ inactions

December 11, 2015 We, at the local level, share a lot of blame for the ridiculous state of Congress and the Pennsylvania legislature. more »»

Stop fear-mongering

December 10, 2015 I was discouraged to read that local pastor, Gary Dull, wrote a letter to Gov. more »»

Wolf at fault on budget

December 10, 2015 I am disappointed in your statement in the Nov. 29 edition regarding the budget “debacle” that “legislative leaders of both parties prefer stalemate over compromise” (emphasis added. more »»

Action needed on warming

December 9, 2015 Global warming is an increase in the Earth’s average surface temperature due to the greenhouse gases released by people burning fossil fuels. more »»

Lead by example on guns

December 9, 2015 President Barack Obama and all politicians at the federal, state and even local level who continue to push for common sense gun laws and who are certain there is no need for American citizens to own... more »»

Catholics continuing strong support

December 8, 2015 Bad news typically travels the fastest and the farthest. more »»

Next election will tell

December 8, 2015 What are our elected officials doing in Harrisburg? Our governor, senators and representatives cannot come up with a budget, but they can go after Kathleen Kane, and they can look at pay deductio. more »»

Kindness appreciated

December 7, 2015 Recently, on a Sunday, I had lunch at Hoss’s Steak and Sea House in Altoona. To my surprise, when I went to pay, someone had already paid my bill, including the tip. more »»

Syrian refugees could bring conflict

December 7, 2015 Do you know what treason and eminent domain are? Do you know that in some countries evil and hatred is something to be expected and, most likely, will never change? Millions of legal American... more »»

‘Halfbacks’ will help decide GOP race

December 7, 2015 CHARLESTON, S.C. — Sen. more »»

CAIR: See something, do nothing

December 6, 2015 As news of the San Bernardino jihadist shootings blared on airport TVs, I spotted a TSA monitor flashing the now ubiquitous message: “If you SEE something, SAY something. more »»

The more things change in Middle East, the more they don’t don’t

December 6, 2015 JERUSALEM — More than a decade after my 19th trip to Israel and the Middle East, this 20th visit shows how some things have changed, but the important ones remain the same. more »»

It’s vital to keep ‘freedom from fear’

December 5, 2015 In a recent commentary, Kathleen Parker was questioning the fear Americans are experiencing over the possible arrival of Syrian refugees. more »»

Death rate among pedestrians high

December 5, 2015 Tragically, one-fifth of children under age 14 killed in traffic crashes in 2013 were pedestrians. Older adults are also extremely vulnerabl. more »»

Second Amendment has rightful place

December 4, 2015 Thank God that Dennis Minori and John J. Coyle were not members of the founding fathers of this great nation. Both have recently written anti-Second Amendment letters to the Mirror. more »»

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