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Let’s hope Biden runs

September 3, 2015 After watching the Republican debate, it was obvious one person rose above the rest, and that person was Donald Trump. There was an article in the Aug. 17 Mirror portraying Trump as a bull. more »»

Missing train whistles

September 3, 2015 The other night I woke up around 3 a.m. from a sound sleep. The night was silent, and I wondered what was missing. I realized the absence of train whistles which we were all accustomed to hearing. more »»

Stop the handouts

September 2, 2015 Recently we have been hearing a lot about Planned Parenthood. It really doesn’t work in the good old USA because people think more about all the handouts they can get for having kids. more »»

Trump best candidate

September 2, 2015 I disagree with the article on Aug. 17. Donald Trump is not a bully. He is trying to bring our country back to what it once was. more »»

Taxing dilemma

September 2, 2015 Why do we pay school tax if the kids have to bring in all the supplies? Altoona is so over-taxed, and we pay school tax and supply the school. more »»

Eichelberger should be more accessible

September 1, 2015 In the Thursday, June 18, edition of the Morrison’s Cove Herald, I read that state Sen. John H. Eichelberger Jr. more »»

Deal with Iran threatens safety throughout world

August 31, 2015 In the Aug. 15 Mirror, a letter was written in support of the Iran nuclear deal. I vehemently disagree and believe that this agreement, if ratified by Congress, will have disastrous consequen. more »»

A plea to keep local parishes open

August 29, 2015 The support, compassion and understanding shown for the St. Patrick’s and St. John the Evangelist’s parishes about the pain we share is appreciated. more »»

String music camp great experience

August 29, 2015 We would like to publicly acknowledge the Altoona Symphony Orchestra, Maestra Teresa Cheung, ASO Executive Director Pamela Etters, the ASO Board of Directors, the Hollidaysburg Area and Altoona Area... more »»

New Iran deal fuels lack of trust in Obama

August 28, 2015 Watching this foreign policy debacle unfold is unsettling at best. more »»

Diocese announcement 'just a clever spin’

August 27, 2015 We’ve received the Altoona-Johnstown Diocese governing board’s final decision regarding the closing of St. John the Evangelist school, Lakemont and St. more »»

Untreated depression can become lethal

August 26, 2015 Depression is a serious public mental health challenge for our nation. Depression goes unrecognized in half of the general populatio. more »»

America’s foundation broken beyond repair

August 25, 2015 Family is the foundation of society. Marriage is inherently part of the family. Changing marriage shakes society. more »»

America, sleeping giant, must be awakened

August 24, 2015 America is falling faster than a 100-pound weight dropped from the top of the Empire State Building. more »»

Siding with Dodson over Eichelberger

August 22, 2015 As I have been following the situation between John Eichelberger and Kirk Dodson, I was filled with mixed emotions. I have known the Dodson family for years. more »»

Diocese decision squeezes Portage

August 22, 2015 I am writing to voice my opinion concerning the Catholic church merger in Portage. I am a life-long resident of Portage and its Catholic community. The diocese and our current priest have chosen S. more »»

Pennsylvania Energy flexing muscles unfairly

August 21, 2015 This is about the Grant case of Aug. 8, 201. more »»

Our military forces need to be bolstered

August 20, 2015 I would like to take this time to explain why I believe that our military is so low on manpower. As you will read, I am not blaming my fellow Democrats, the military or anyone in particular. more »»

Editorial on mark

August 20, 2015 Thanks for the July 25 editorial “Review housing ordinance,” which was well-balanced and thoughtful. more »»

Americans don’t support Iran deal

August 20, 2015 People who write letters to the editor are entitled to their own opinions, but not their own facts. more »»

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