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Crack down on DUI

December 18, 2013 The Dec. more »»

Beautiful fireworks

December 18, 2013 On Black Friday evening, my family and I were watching “Polar Express” on television when we started to hear loud booms. more »»

Objection to Obamacare not all about Obama

December 17, 2013 The recent letter “Objection to ACA is only about Obama” requires a response. more »»

Cities need choices

December 17, 2013 State House Bill 1807, known as the Leave Policy Act, would remove the sovereignty and right of democratic choice from the hands of Pennsylvania municipalities and the citizens of our towns. more »»

Good manners help separate people

December 16, 2013 Manners for the 21st century: We all have manners, either good or bad, providing others with a first impression and ideas about the kind of person you are — polite or rude. more »»

Hollidaysburg board shows its hypocrisy

December 14, 2013 If only school boards would use their power to benefit the kids, we’d live in a utopian society. more »»

Catholics shouldn’t wait for scandals to pass

December 13, 2013 This letter is related to numerous articles covering proceedings in the Sandusky/PSU and Baker/Catholic Church sex abuse scandals. more »»

Ugly truth on child abuse

December 13, 2013 As the anniversary of the Sandusky indictment approached, I pondered many questions anew. I’ve never been able to reconcile the circumstances surrounding Joe Paterno. more »»

Bible does specify about gay marriage

December 12, 2013 Elizabeth Shade’s letter (Nov. 5) headlined as “Bible doesn’t specify” asks for help in finding where in the Bible it says marriage is between a man and a woman. more »»

It’s not personal; it’s just a fact

December 11, 2013 Elizabeth K. Shade, in her Dec. 3 letter to the editor continues to misinterpret any criticism directed at President Barack Obama as personal. more »»

Be realistic about limited access route

December 10, 2013 Forget limited-access Route 22 expansion. There is further irony in the story of Route 22 in the region, about which the Mirror editorialized on Nov. 1. more »»

Emissions testing not always required

December 10, 2013 I would like to have an answer to this question: Why are residents of Blair County required to have emissions inspections for our vehicles while other counties do not? I was so surprised when I... more »»

Hollidaysburg policy won’t help students

December 9, 2013 I am a member of the Hollidaysburg Area High School class of 2013. During my time at the high school, I was very involved and served as the senior class president from 2012-2013. more »»

Perplexing decision to give probation

December 9, 2013 I cannot believe the article I read in the Altoona Mirror regarding a case right here in Blair County. more »»

Perplexing decision to give probation

December 9, 2013 I cannot believe the article I read in the Altoona Mirror regarding a case right here in Blair County. more »»

Many in legislature’s 2006 class undeserving

December 6, 2013 I believe I witnessed a rare event in the 2006 elections when a voter insurgency occurred as a result of the 2005 payroll grab by the Pennsylvania Legislature. more »»

A shining example of Arkansas philanthropy

December 5, 2013 In Fayetteville, Ark., the small Jewish community used a property that was owned by the University of Arkansas as their house of worship. more »»

Put the employee first

December 4, 2013 I have written a few editorials in the past couple of months but apparently, they just did not suit the Mirror’s taste. I do get on employers and their lack of respect for their employees. more »»

Out-of-state targets?

December 4, 2013 Instead of the Altoona Mirror’s story on Thanksgiving eve of “Bars bracing for busy night,” they should reprint the article from a local paper in Bedford on Nov. 21: “15 defendants charged with DU. more »»

Response appreciated

December 4, 2013 We want to commend and thank the work repair crews of Valley Rural Electric out of the Martinsburg office for their response to the ice storm in the Puzzletown area last Tuesday night (Nov. 26). more »»

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