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Leave crosses alone

April 5, 2016 I read the letter giving well-deserved recognition to John Rutter, along with his wife Darice, for the decorations they put up at Patriot Park, across from Graystone in Hollidaysburg, where they live. more »»

McGinnis has fulfilled word

April 4, 2016 Every so often an outstanding person comes along who feels he may be able to make a difference in the way Pennsylvania Legislation operates. John McGinnis is such a person. more »»

Shuster has delivered jobs

April 4, 2016 Over the course of this primary season, the absentee landlord from Bedford County has repeatedly attacked our congressman Bill Shuste. more »»

Attack on Shuster not warranted

April 2, 2016 The current mayor of Chicago and a former Chief of Staff for President Barack Obama, Rahm Emanuel, is credited with saying, “You never let a serious crises go to waste. more »»

Starr shows proven leadership

April 2, 2016 I choose Peter Starr as the strongest candidate for the office of state Representative of the 79th District. more »»

World a sad place

April 2, 2016 A few weeks ago, I read about a well-deserved recognition for John Rutter along with his wife, Darice, for all the beautiful decorations they put in Patriot Park across from Graystone Court in... more »»

Starr would represent well

April 1, 2016 Pete Starr is a candidate for state representative in the 79th District. more »»

Shuster, McGinnis show voting public in dark

April 1, 2016 Recent letters to the editor concerning this year’s group of legislatures who are seeking re-election is glaring proof that the general electorate are the reason our state and federal government are... more »»

AG’s office needs Peters

April 1, 2016 I ask you to join me in voting for Joe Peters for Attorney General of Pennsylvania. more »»

Don’t cast vote for GOP ‘puppet’

March 31, 2016 We’ve all heard how Republican insiders are planning to thwart the will of the voters by using presidential convention rules to steal the nomination from the frontrunner and nominate one of their own. more »»

Multiple DUIs are serious issue

March 31, 2016 How many DUIs does a man have to get before the DUI judge in Blair County takes away his license and locks him up either in jail or rehab for more than a few days? Is the judge waiting for him to... more »»

McGinnis is committed to saving Pa.’s future

March 31, 2016 Gov. Wolf has caused havoc by vetoing and blue-lining budgets sent to him by the Legislature. One of the biggest issues is the pension underfunding, which could destroy the state in a few short years. more »»

State gov’t officials should lose their jobs

March 30, 2016 It is time for us to take back our rights. The current state government officials are not fulfilling their duties that they were were elected to do. more »»

Among politicians, McGinnis is rare breed

March 30, 2016 I am writing this letter to express my thanks to our state Rep. John McGinnis for the promises he made and kept to all his constituents in the 79th District. more »»

Candidates are ‘Wall Street Muppets’

March 30, 2016 Four of five presidential candidates cloak themselves in morality and, in fact, they are neither moral nor patriotic. They are power hungry, warmongering, manipulating, masterminds of malefice. more »»

Shuster has lived up to word, deserves vote

March 29, 2016 Congressman Bill Shuster has earned my vote in the upcoming April primary election. He has earned my vote because of his solid credentials in the areas of job creation and fiscal conservatism. more »»

Law enforcement deference ‘inconceivable’

March 29, 2016 How evil and devastating that judges, district attorneys and law enforcement yielded the rule of law to the Catholic hierarchy on reports of child sex abuse by the clergy. more »»

McGinnis displays admirable qualities

March 28, 2016 Election Day is our chance to continue making a positive impact on our state government. We grumble about politicians. more »»

Public schools can boast, too

March 26, 2016 Over the last several months, the ads in our local area, touting the advantage of private school education over public school education, disturb m. more »»

Re-elect McGinnis

March 26, 2016 John McGinnis has worked relentlessly to cut wasteful spending in Harrisburg in an effort to reduce our tax liability. more »»

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