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Concert shows ‘high standard of excellence’

July 11, 2016 I just got home from attending the 28th Infantry Division Band Concert at The Mishler Theatre sponsored by Blair County Arts Foundation. It was a very enjoyable evening titled, “A Night at the Movies. more »»

Reins need kept on government

July 11, 2016 It is said that “Freedom isn’t free.” Yet, we have all heard, “I will gladly give up some freedoms to feel safe. more »»

Remaining true to Catholic faith

July 9, 2016 As a Catholic in the Altoona-Johnstown Diocese, I, with so many others of my faith, have been scandalized and demoralized by the horrendous crimes perpetrated by the leaders of our church. more »»

Altoona school board leading wrong way

July 8, 2016 Is there a more inept group of people than those that serve or have recently served on the Altoona Area School Board? These people can’t throw a ball into the ocea. more »»

Fly flag from tree at Halleck Place

July 8, 2016 I read with dismay that Altoona City Council has been asked to chop down the majestic tree at Halleck Place and Morningside Avenue and replace it with a fla. more »»

Open lavatories affront to our rights

July 7, 2016 Open lavatories? What difference does this make? For a parent with young children in a decent neighborhood in a small city much like any other, a quick internet search of public records revealed ove... more »»

TV newscasters need to be more accurate

July 6, 2016 Almost every day when you watch the news, regardless of the channel, we are assaulted by a lack of professionalism. more »»

Carrying firearms would limit mass shootings

July 6, 2016 If more citizens carry firearms, the chance of a mass shooting would be greatly declined. According to Crime, from 1950 to 2016, 98. more »»

Motorcycle riders ‘still an afterthought’

July 5, 2016 It seems like no one read my letter to the editor (“Get off your phone; watch for cycles, bikes”) in the Mirror on April 15. more »»

Enough, already: Curve pressure out of line

July 5, 2016 Since when is 20 years old? I thought only Major League Baseball teams held cities hostage on stadiums, but I guess it is now happening in small cities like Altoon. more »»

‘Revolution is still alive’

July 2, 2016 Pennsylvania school systems are doing badly after so many wars that were fought for our freedom. It seems organized crime budgets their money better than our own government. more »»

Taxes going down drain

July 2, 2016 Pennsylvania school districts are fraught with program cuts and pending teacher layoffs. We need loans to keep school doors open. Pennsylvania is No. 1 in the country for sin taxes and No. more »»

More precautions needed at zoos

July 1, 2016 Since 1990, there have been 63 deaths and 273 injuries at accredited and non-accredited zoos and circuses. more »»

History lesson shows Hillary’s lingering flaws

July 1, 2016 As a 27-year-old staff attorney for the House Judiciary Committee during the Watergate investigation, Hillary Rodham (Clinton) was fired by her supervisor, lifelong Democrat Jerry Zeifman. more »»

Addressing gun issue needs cooperation

June 30, 2016 Is banning guns a good or bad thing? We need a bill in which Congress can put their heads together and think of a way to help all of us without messing with our rights. more »»

Orlando officials failed their community

June 30, 2016 Like many Americans, I was totally shocked by the killings in Orlando, and not just because of the innocent lives and futures lost. more »»

Mirror, BG overreacting to Saylor incident

June 29, 2016 In last Tuesday’s edition, the Mirror purports to be clarifying the issue involving Father Brian Saylor of the Altoona-Johnstown Dioces. more »»

Toomey is a friend of law enforcement

June 29, 2016 Sen. Pat Toomey is a strong supporter of our police and other law enforcement agencies that keep us saf. more »»

Wake up, America: Hillary not the answer

June 29, 2016 It is time for real change in Washington. It is time for Donald Trump, the only candidate that is not a politician and will make real change for America. He is not taking a salary to do this jo. more »»

Muslim immigration driving terrorism

June 28, 2016 President Barack Obama described the massacre carried out by a Muslim mass murderer, Omar Mateen, in Orlando, Fla. more »»

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