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Local school district has itself to blame

November 12, 2015 I am writing in response to a recent news report stating there is a study on why there is such a truancy problem in Blair County schools. more »»

Senior citizens feel ‘double-crossed enough’

November 12, 2015 I have never seen it fail — just let someone say they are going to give us senior citizens property tax relief and, all of a sudden, the pension fund is short once again. more »»

Van Zandt Center proud of its service to vets

November 11, 2015 Van Zandt Center proud of its service to vets This Veterans Day, we salute and honor those men and women who have served in the United States armed forces. more »»

Commissioners lacking compassion on Valley View

November 10, 2015 The comments about the sale of Valley View are sickening. After reading the Altoona Mirror recently, I was so upset by the callousness of the comments from Diane Meling and Terry Tomassetti. more »»

Legislation vital to aid veterans

November 9, 2015 Military veterans receive some of the best medical training and experience available when serving our country. more »»

Nurse reacted well in VA gun case

November 7, 2015 In the recent story “Officer with gun at VA Medical Center” (Oct. 24), the nurse was right to ask Stephen Hower to leave since he was carrying a gun. more »»

Logan Twp. sends mixed messages

November 7, 2015 I agree with the recent comments concerning the Logan Township Police Department sending an armored car to football games seems like a complete waste of money. more »»

Logan police vehicle is an invaluable asset

November 6, 2015 I want to respond to William Barger’s letter in Altoona Mirror’s Oct. 26 edition, regarding the specialized police vehicle owned by the Logan Township Police Department. more »»

Decision on inspections has ripple effect

November 5, 2015 The City of Altoona hits a new low: The Food Inspection Department at City Hall has ceased. more »»

Second Amendment fathers started mayhem

November 5, 2015 Patrick Henry and Alexander Hamilton, Second Amendment signers, never realized in the late 18th century the tragedy and mayhem it would cause over 200 years later. more »»

Barron, PSU board continue to hide

November 4, 2015 Penn State President Eric Barron recently lamented (in an interview in StateCollege) — once again — about Penn Staters “obsession” with the Freeh Fil. more »»

Property tax proposal needs more clarification

November 3, 2015 There’s a bit of implied misinformation that I notice every time I read a story about a proposal to shift some of our tax burden away from property owner. more »»

Too many people living off government

November 2, 2015 To those of you who have allowed yourselves to be politically seduced into believing that a wall along our southern border will eliminate America’s illegal immigration problems, prepare to be... more »»

Wolf budget requests a pain in the state

October 30, 2015 If you watched the PA House budget debate, Rep. more »»

Crash victim feels professionalism, kindness

October 29, 2015 On June 16, I was involved in a car accident at Frankstown Road and Park Avenue. more »»

Republicans should take glance in mirror

October 29, 2015 I am writing this letter in response to the letter from Richard A. Ruth that was printed on Oct. 21. This gentleman blames Democrats for abortion and all the “wrongs” of the country. more »»

Wolf out to cannibalize Pennsylvania’s future

October 28, 2015 Most of us can appreciate the implied consequences in the phrase “letting a fox guard the hen house.” In Pennsylvania’s case, it is a wolf — Gov. more »»

State Legislature should be trimmed

October 27, 2015 Our state Legislature has gone four months now without passing a budget. They can’t find enough expenses to cut, and they can’t raise taxes to balance a budget. more »»

Ailing customer appreciates kindness

October 27, 2015 I would like to thank the nurse, the student nurse and the gentleman who assisted me with my health need on Oct. 6 around 2 p.m. more »»

Lowering property tax has consequences

October 27, 2015 As we watch school districts take out loans and social programs suffer because of the delay in passing a state budget, we need to proceed with caution in other areas. more »»

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