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Drugs threaten safety

February 13, 2014 Are we still safe? On Jan. 22, 24, and 28, the Mirror published articles based on the same topic of selling and possessing drugs. more »»

Tracing pension crisis

February 13, 2014 I am writing in response to the Duncansville man’s letter to the editor regarding the pension crisis. The crisis is caused by employers not paying into the plans. more »»

UPMC arrival in Altoona anything but grand

February 12, 2014 My partner is a nurse at UPMC Altoona, so I have been on the sidelines of countless conversations about this topic with his co-worker. more »»

Nurses deserve support

February 12, 2014 I am writing in support of the nurses of UPMC Altoona who are trying to hold onto the benefits that they have worked for over the years. more »»

McDonald’s caper stirring fear

February 12, 2014 How much worse can society get? I read an article in the Mirror about a 26-year-old woman charged with selling heroin in Happy Meals at a Pittsburgh McDonald’s. more »»

Series appreciated

February 12, 2014 The purpose of this letter is to express my deep appreciation to you for the weekly publication of Tom Sileo’s “The Unknown Soldier. more »»

Expand opportunities at McAuliffe Heights

February 11, 2014 I am the mother of two students at McAuliffe Heights at Irving Elementary School and an Irving alumni of the 1980s. more »»

Anonymous gesture for vets appreciated

February 11, 2014 I was recently at Kmart to purchase socks for the VFW Homeless Veterans Program. I talked to the lady at the customer service desk to receive the discount which they give for such non-profit group. more »»

Morale, not money, is root of nurses’ conflict

February 10, 2014 I am a registered nurse at UPMC Altoona; the news reports appear to be focused on our salaries, and that is not the biggest issue here. We are not asking for an increase in our salaries. more »»

Embarrassment in Atlanta

February 10, 2014 After reading the article “Stranded in the South snow, ice hinders Atlanta traffic,” I am in disbelief that there was this much trouble because of a storm that produced less than 3 inches of sno. more »»

Staffing level shouldn’t be compromised

February 8, 2014 I am a proud graduate of the Altoona Hospital School of Nursing and was fortunate enough to have worked in the Critical Care Department at Altoona Hospital from 1994 until 2005. more »»

UPMC brass gets rich at expense of nurses

February 8, 2014 I am writing to express my wholehearted support for the registered nurses of UPMC Altoona as they go on strike. more »»

Strike could affect PSU nursing students

February 8, 2014 I’m writing as a Penn State Altoona nursing student after the Mirror’s article “Nurses reject UPMC Altoona’s offer” was brought to my attention. more »»

UPMC going against its stated mission

February 7, 2014 Does UPMC mean what it says? “Putting our patients, health plan members, employees and community at the center of everything we do and creating a model that ensures that every patient gets the right... more »»

Stand with nurses in their fight vs. bully

February 7, 2014 It appears that UPMC’s first order of business since coming to Altoona is to cut benefits and salary of Altoona’s registered nurses while increasing their workload. more »»

Nurses have only one priority, the patients

February 7, 2014 How do you perceive an impending “nurses’ strike?” Healthcare organizations would have the public believe the demands are about unreasonable wages, exorbitant retirement benefits, or shorter work... more »»

Arrest frightening

February 5, 2014 Being a student at Penn State Altoona, the weapons of mass destruction incident really struck home for me. more »»

Arts vital to education

February 5, 2014 I recently read an article in the Mirror that stated Spring Cove must make changes to avoid budget cuts. more »»

Accountability important

February 5, 2014 I’m writing in response to Lauren Jacobson’s letter (Jan. 14) regarding Christmas and the UPS foul up. more »»

Losing war on poverty

February 5, 2014 We recently celebrated the 50th anniversary of the beginning of the war on poverty. more »»

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