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Funeral food: Silly law turns into silly remedy

August 11, 2014 Do the courts have to settle every issue? That is the big question in Heffner v. more »»

Brady’s courage inspiring

August 9, 2014 Jim Brady became the most unpopular person ever to hold the title of presidential press secretary. more »»

Altoona airport, facing uncertain future, in need

August 9, 2014 We suspect the Altoona-Blair County Airport has almost no chance of attracting an average of 32 passengers per day on daily flights back and forth to Pittsburgh. more »»

Wanted: Debate for 80th seat

August 8, 2014 Now that there’s a contest for Blair County’s 80th District state House seat, the two candidates vying for the voters’ confidence — Republican Judy Ward and Independent Jason Lynn — should agree to... more »»

Election season looming

August 7, 2014 Labor Day will kick off what might become one of Pennsylvania’s most interesting political campaign seasons in decades. more »»

Democrats not being reasonable

August 6, 2014 Many members of the House of Representatives want to forestall implementation of a proposal that would increase costs for the Medicare program, while forcing many older Americans to leave their own... more »»

Election law limits choices for state voters

August 5, 2014 In November’s election, will you have to choose between candidates only from the two major parties or will smaller parties get candidates onto the ballot, too? That question will be decided soo. more »»

State needs to get its finger on compliance

August 3, 2014 If Pennsylvania intends to crack down on police departments that fail to comply with the fingerprinting law currently on the books, the state Legislature will need to allocate money on behalf of tha... more »»

Federal mandate would contribute to oil cars’ safety

August 2, 2014 The latest federal proposal to improve the safe transportation of flammable liquids by rail would require oil shippers to use stronger tank cars by October 201. more »»

Gathering new data is taxing

August 1, 2014 Some people might have become concerned if Blair County’s reassessment process got to a rip-roaring start. more »»

Preserve future of Morrisons Cove park

July 31, 2014 Residents, public officials and businesses of the Morrisons Cove area are faced with the important question of how much they value Memorial Park in Martinsburg. more »»

Citizen deserves credit

July 29, 2014 There was plenty of courage and civic duty on display last week when the Goodwill Store in the Park Hills Plaza was robbed at gunpoint. more »»

Hollidaysburg shows all how not to govern

July 27, 2014 The mood of many Hollidaysburg residents was tantamount to a scorching summer day on Tuesday as the residents sought — but did not receive — a satisfactory explanation about the leave and subsequent... more »»

Judge’s message fell short

July 25, 2014 Blair County Senior Judge Hiram A. Carpenter missed an opportunity on July 18 to drive home an important message to young people — a message that perhaps someday might have saved someone’s life. more »»

Beware caffeine powder

July 24, 2014 The federal Food and Drug Administration’s announcement last Friday that it is considering regulatory action regarding caffeine powder should be welcomed. more »»

Agencies’ disclosure staggering

July 23, 2014 Estimates by federal agencies that they in effect threw away nearly $100 billion last year should infuriate taxpayers. It is our hard-earned money, after all. more »»

Legislature should have stalled 1060

July 20, 2014 It’s not uncommon for Pennsylvania lawmakers to hold public hearings at various locations across the state to gather public input on projects or other proposals. more »»

Name change too costly

July 19, 2014 An often quoted piece of advice suggests that if people take care of their pennies, nickels and dimes, then the dollars take care of themselve. more »»

Pennsylvania’s political climate troubling

July 18, 2014 Looking back at the Pennsylvania General Assembly’s 2014-15 budget-preparation exercise, it’s good that it didn’t result in any noticeable disruption in state services. more »»

Bellwood showing patience

July 17, 2014 For the Bellwood-Antis School District, it’s good news that the teaching staff has decided not to withhold services at the start of the coming school year if the instructors don’t have a new contrac... more »»

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