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Blair County Nucompass Mobility Services Inc. to Joshua and Kelly Mayhle, property in Allegheny Township, $165,000. James Eckard, by guardian, and Linda Eckard to Thomas Daugherty and Ashly Albright, property in Freedom Township, $33,000. David Gurkin to Charlotte Pensyl, property in Freedom Township, $52,000. Beatrice Smith, by agent, to Adam Whetstone, property in Greenfield Township, $37,000. Jeffrey and Janet Strittmatter to Samuel and Regina Boston, property at 5718 California Ave., Altoona, $84,000. Cresson Community Bank and Cambria County Federal Savings & Loan Association to John Eberhardt, property in Allegheny Township, $75,000. Alice Gill, also known as Alice Beveridge, to Brett and Amanda Hazlett, property at 2812-2814 Maple Ave., Altoona, $91,000. Thomas Walker, by guardian, to Anthony and Terry Drass, property at 219 Bedford St., Hollidaysburg, $64,900. Lester and Lucy Weiss to Kristopher and Shawna Batten, property in Logan Township, $172,000. Betty Woomer, by executrix, to Richard J. Woomer Jr., property in Snyder Township, $18,000. Richard and Beth Beard to Todd and Jessica Beard, property on Vineyard Lane, Duncansville, $70,000. Randy, by prothonotary, and Edana Villiani to LR Assist LLC, property at 945 29th St., Altoona, $41,000. Nicole Thompson to Denae Imler, property at 2108 11th St., Altoona, $59,000. Jesse and L. Jolene Moyer to Robert and Sheila Wojcik, property at 418 Logan Place, Altoona, $152,500. Larry and Shannon McCall to Justin and Alisha Bilger, property in Catharine Township, $146,500. Harry B. Rupert Jr. to John and Rhonda Winesickle, property at 600 N. Eighth St., rear, Bellwood, $12,000. Corda Repsher, by executor, to Evan Fraundorfer and Ashley Irwin, property at 501-509 52nd St., Altoona, $90,000. Phillip and Tammy Keith to Dennis and Nellie Cowher, property in Taylor Township, $45,000. Joseph and Sandra Hocherl to Simon Lampard, property at Majestic Circle, Frankstown Township, $321,000. Randy, by prothonotary, and Edana Villiani to James Longstreth, property at 514 N. Ninth Ave., Altoona, $17,500. Harrison and Cynthia Grove to Wesley and Karen Zimmerman, property in Catharine Township, $555,000. Justin and Michele Dunio to Brian Barley and Mackenzie Wilber, property at 121-125 E. 26th Ave., Altoona, $175,000. Beth Smith to Rivers Bend Associates LP, property at 527 E. Wopsy Ave., Altoona, $62,500. Doris Altmanshofer to Paul and Kristine Shields, property in Frankstown Township, $40,000. David Krug to Larry Weyandt, property in Greenfield Township, $150,000. Jason and Jenilee Hatch to Kimberly Hicks, property in Altoona, $97,350. Renee and Danny J. Diehl Jr. to JJ Sinisi Maintenance Inc., property in Altoona, $76,000. Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association, by attorney-in-fact, to Tara and Trevor Rabenstein, property at 675 Reservoir Road, Blair Township, $25,551. Raymond L. Sr. and Patti Black to Nicole Mock, property in Freedom Township, $25,000. James and John Gahagan to Reuben and Martha Newswanger, property on Clover Creek Road, Huston Township, $250,000. Thad and Penny Maugle to Kevin and Wendy Bergman, property at 109 McDonald Drive, Blair Township, $335,000. Billie and Richard Henderson to Mark Perrin, property in Allegheny Township, $65,000. Joe and Mildred Carberry to Joseph and Ayme Eichenlaub, property in Frankstown Township, $169,000. Bedford County Mary R. Burkett, Mary R. Daley and Adam J. Burkett to Allen L. Yarnall and Ariane D. Emeigh, property in Rainsburg Borough, $87,500. Louisa Miller to M&T Bank and Manufacturers & Traders Trust Co., property in Bedford Borough, $55,000. William D. Sr. and Gloria J. Estep to Wilson B. and Diane N. Reiff, property in South Woodbury Township, $115,000. Jack Sponsler to Barkley D. Young, property in Everett Borough, $74,900. Roger and Mary Eggers Living Trust to Michael E. and Jessica R. Daily, property in Mann Township, $39,000 Lance and Beverly Berkstresser to Scott A. and Jeanette D. Hartsock, property in Snake Spring Township, $150,000. Duane A. and Mary Jane Fetter to Ian G. Fetter, property in Bedford Township, $68,600. David G. Miller to Kevin S. and Shawna M. Roll, property in Napier Township, $32,000. Laurie S. Shick and Laurie S. Krauss to Shaun W. Styer, property in Bedford Borough, $155,900. Eric P. Harbaugh to Braddon B. Rininger, property in Bedford Borough, $64,000. Brian S. and Brittany T. Weyandt to Jill A. Held, property in Bloomfield Township, $117,500. Catherine Louise Feight to James H. and Janet L. Pittman, property in Everett Borough, $11,201. Church Hill Manor LLC to Thomas A. and Marilyn T. Otis, property in Bedford Township, $70,000. Hubert Skinner to Colette C. Paris, property in Kimmel Township, $18,000.

Clearfield County Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Leonard A. Calhoun, property in Sandy Township, $87,000. Amy P. Minter to Michael and Brittany Muennink, property in Sandy Township, $210,000. Richard Rusnak and June E. Rusnak, by attorney-in-fact/power of attorney, and Joan Robins, attorney-in-fact, to George and Faye E. Anderson, property in Decatur Township, $34,000. Amber M. Bodner to Simon G. and Kylee Y. Estudante, property in Lawrence Township, $79,900. Geotech Engineering Inc. to Michael J. Van Dyke, property in Morris Township, $58,000. Edward and Frances Rushnock to Clair A. and Eleanor M. Godissart, property in Morris Township, $58,000. Sheree McCall, doing business as Spencer Land Co., to PT Holdings LLC, property in Lawrence Township, $250,000. Philip J. Oppenheimer Estate and Stephanie Streb, executrix, to Justine E. Ogden, property in Clearfield Borough, $65,000. William Bradley and Jonelle C. Davis to Anthony S. Puccio, property in Clearfield Borough, $16,000. Clark T. and Emilie B. Husted to Stanley L. and Joyce A. Mernick, property in Sandy Township, $90,000. Michael J. and Brittany E. Gray to Douglas J. and Elizabeth A. Moheny, property in DuBois, $245,500. Jeffery W. and Christine H. Porter to MCD Farms LLC, property in Jordan Township, $157,000. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Tedd Lee Jr. and Carolyn Sara Pounds, property in Sandy Township, $35,375. Amber C. Winkler and Michael L. Whelpley to Brian Paganie, property in Sandy Township, $197,250. John E. II and Salimay Nuti to Jody L. and Patricia C. Peoples, property in Goshen Township, $36,000. Dean D. and Linda S. Lansberry to Tracy J. and Gina M. Harasti, property in Pike Township, $37,000.

Huntingdon County Lisbeth L. Himes to Susan M. and Harry L. Ortiz, property in Penn Township, $35,000. Ancil L. Neuder, by agent/attorney-in-fact, Eileen Neuder, by agent/attorney-in-fact, and Jessica Neuder, as agent/attorney-in-fact, to Randolph S. and Bethany D. Hess, property in Wood Township, $32,500. Alvis Jr. and Brenda Morton, Beverly G. and Joseph Moss, Linda Morton Collins, Benjamin T. and Duane Morton, Marcella R. Morton-Lewis, Theodore and Theodore P. Lewis to Douglas D. Rittenhouse, property in Mount Union Borough, $30,000. Angela J. Robinson to Ruthanne Weko, property in Morris Township, $75,000. Anthony G. and Sarah J. Pananes to Mitchell J. Sanders, property in Tell Township, $207,500. Shirley A. Beard to Christian E. and Ethel A. Dundore, property in Union Township, $38,000.

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