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Festivals and so on

June 9, 2014 - Emily Dimov-Gottshall
Been a busy few weeks and finally get to sit down, get my mind around all the activities and just reflect a bit. I admit I'm a bit of a homebody...I really have to be psyched to get up and out the door but I got what I needed to accomplish done and I'm pleased with it all.

Firstly, I did some volunteer work at the Learning Express in Altoona. I did caricatures of kids and some parents/grown ups too. :) It was a blast and I had a really great time. Oddly, my wrist was fine even after doing prob about 60-80 caricatures. The wind got to me the next day with a sinus headache but other wise I had a lot of fun. I loved when kids would ask for mermaids with "really long hair" or pump up their muscles to be a super hero. Just adorable. :)

The next was doing a craft booth at the Blair County Arts Festival. I was so nervous and felt so green but honestly, it was so nice and relaxed. I got to see a lot of sweet people and just amazed by the good vibes. Seriously, I hope to do this again next year (and few art sales in between). I felt energized especially once the sun came out the next day. Plus, you can't beat the nibbling on kettle corn and sipping lemonade while people watching and if you're lucky the man with his monkey giving kisses. I hope next year will mean more street performers. There was a man playing a banjo and hearing live music, excellent.

I'll share more photos later. And all of this happening with life and kids and just feeling like May has got to be the most crazy month of the year. June has been kindly calm and helping to ease into new projects and art works.

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