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Bill O'Brien regrets comments about 'Paterno people'

January 14, 2014 - Cory Giger
Bill O'Brien believes he had "a ton of support at Penn State" and mentioned that he regrets the conversation he had last month in which he expressed anger toward the "Paterno people" who may have made things tougher for him during his time in Happy Valley.

O'Brien was on "Mike & Mike in the Morning" today on ESPN Radio and addressed the following issues:

His biggest takeaway from his time at PSU:

"I'd say the biggest takeaway was the players. I really enjoyed coaching those players. There were great kids, they practiced hard, they played hard and they meant a lot to our staff and to myself at Penn State."

Did he think he would eventually go to the NFL:

"I loved Penn State, I really did. I enjoyed the players. I think it's a very special university. I think they've gone and hired a fantastic coach in James Franklin. But there are many parts of the NFL game that I missed. And then the other thing was that I think that's important to note was my family. When Houston came around and was interested in talking to me … I just felt good about this opportunity. It was also the fact that in the city of Houston they have a great medical facility here for my oldest son. It's just a fantastic facility. I think that's something that meant a lot to my wife and I."

Was it accurate that the "Paterno people" played a role in him leaving PSU:

"Nah, that's not accurate at all. I felt that I had a ton of support at Penn State. My staff had a lot of support at Penn State. You know, I regret that that conversation even took place. I do, I regret that. But I know that I had a ton of support there. Penn State is a special place. I believe in what we did at Penn State. I think Penn State, the football program is in a better spot now than it was two years ago."

On Penn State's future:

"I think that they're going to take off. I think Penn State is a place where you can win national championships and Big Ten championships."

His final thoughts on PSU:

"I apologize to anybody that took that conversation obviously the wrong way. I regret that conversation, but again, Penn State's a special place and they're going to be in great shape in the coming years."

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