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That's a wrap

October 10, 2013 - John Mehno
The baseball season is over for the Pirates, a disappointing but not totally unexpected finish in St. Louis.

I'll have more to say in the Mirror, but nobody can walk away from 2013 without a good feeling. The Pirates broke the losing streak, won the wild card game and took the St. Louis Cardinals to the limit. Years from now, I'll bet a lot of people look back on this season as one of their favorites because of the way things unfolded.

They've continued -- and accelerated -- the improvement that started three years ago. It will be different next year because there will expectations. That's OK, though.

The Pirates were still playing when MLB had whittled down to eight teams from 30, and that's a major step forward. After Monday's game, I told Jack the Elevator Guy that I'd either see him next week or on March 31. So the next game day is 172 days away.

By Monday (if not sooner), the front office will start working on the 2014 plans. For right now, look past Game Five and savor a season when so much was accomplished.

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