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Some summer art fun for kids and grown-ups

June 21, 2013 - Emily Dimov-Gottshall
Summer is a time to unwind and relax...well, mostly. Some of us still have to work and do the old 8 hr stretch per day to pay the bills and so on. But in the meantime, why not take 10 min to create some art or express your self. It doesn't have to be a master piece. Go get a bottle of bubbles and do some bubble blowing in the backyard. Even better, get one of those huge wands and wave your bubble wand around. It is a lot of fun!

Or for the more adventurous, sidewalk chalk. Instead of just sweeping your walk, do a few doodles and let your self go. Often, we grownups, forget to have fun and let loose every once in a while. Let your inner child come out and have some fun during these summer days.

If you've got kids in your life, you've got the perfect opportunity to get down with them and have fun. Go on a leaf and flower gathering hunt. Press those leaves between some books and paper and once dry, make a piece of art. Get a frame and make it to fit. Viola! Something to remind you of summer, potential Christmas gift and beautiful.

Want to explore something a bit more "artsy"? Try getting some acrylic paints from the local art shop (prime, blue, yellow, white and black), a mini canvas and a mix of paint brushes. Get a disposable/recyclable plastic container. play with the colors. Blue + yellow= green, red + yellow=orange, etc. Go outside and paint your backyard. Doesn't have to be perfect...think of just capturing it with colors you see. I bet there is a lot of green! :) Don't forget to wash your brushes out!

There is a lot one can do in 5-10 minutes of creating. Have you started a pinterest account? This is a wonderful site that lets you collect and build up all sorts of ideas to try.

What were some of the things you enjoyed as a kid? Did you like to make mud pies? Did you like to build things out of scrap lumber? Why not give it a go now? Where there is a will there is a way.

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