Voters have spoken loudly in Kansas

As I contemplate the resounding decision by the voters of Kansas to reject attempts to change their state’s constitutional protection of abortion rights, it is obvious to me that people meant it when they told pollsters that they did not want Roe v. Wade overturned.

This is not a partisan issue. Republicans and Democrats alike voted against this ballot proposal.

Rural Trump voters voted “no” in high enough numbers to produce the impressive margin against.

Since the Supreme Court’s decision, the nation has had a chance to examine what it means.

Abortion is a tough subject.

It touches on issues like morality, bodily autonomy, health safety and religious belief.

Most people support reasonable limits such as banning all but the most essential late term abortions.

But how many people were shocked to find that some would allow no exceptions to a ban? That they would suggest that a 10-year-old rape victim would be expected to carry a child to term. Or that repercussions most of us never foresaw would face us.

Patients have been told that they can no longer get essential medications because of possible impact on a (nonexistent) fetus.

Women needing a D and C after a miscarriage might no longer find it available.

Religions with their own guidelines for abortion are suing for religious persecution. Doctors in some states might no longer receive essential education in women’s healthcare.

Voters of every stripe are expressing resentment about legislators who refuse to listen when they say that they want privacy and the ability to make difficult decisions without interference.

We talk about freedom, but a small group of people has obtained the power to limit our freedom and force their viewpoint on the rest of us.

For myriad of reasons, the people of Kansas stood up to them last week. Bravo.

Barbara Tessin



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