Thompson should resolve his hypocrisy

U.S. Rep. Glenn Thompson, R-15th District, doesn’t realize that his votes matter for every American — except, apparently, for members of his own family.

Recently Thompson voted against a House bill that would codify federal protections for same-sex marriage.

Then, three days later, he attended his own son’s same-sex wedding.

We should be happy that his son has found the love of his life and was able to marry him.

It is unconscionable that Thompson supports that freedom for his family, but denies that privilege to other Americans.

Apparently, Thompson thinks his family is special and is more important than every other American family including, perhaps, yours.

A recent letter called Thompson a hypocrite and asked for his resignation.

It can’t happen soon enough.

The 15th District deserves better. Pennsylvania deserves better, and America deserves better.

Thompson has been in Congress for 11 years, yet obviously can’t comprehend the real-life implications of his own votes.

To save him and us any more embarrassment, it’s time for Thompson to resolve his hypocrisy by supporting and voting for LGBTQ+ legislation that will truly help his constituents, including his very own family.

Catherine Alloway

Port Matilda


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