Taking steps to ensure democracy remains

The processes of governance in a democracy or republic of, “We The People,” is anchored and dependent upon informed and engaged citizens.

Unbeknownst to many and disenchanted citizens, a procedural flaw at the state level of operation (in both the PA House of Representatives and Senate) compromises, obstructs and subverts the processes of representative governance in our democracy.

The flaw is an agreed upon practice of relinquishing power to committee chairpersons. That’s right — one sole power having control over whether proposed legislation, even that having bipartisan support gets to a vote.

The League of Women Voters Fair Districts and Fix Harrisburg campaign are directed toward correcting the flaw.

Internet users are encouraged to Google FixHarrisburg.com.

The community room of the Cambria County Library has been reserved for an informal walk-in public awareness and informational event on August 30 from 3 to 7 p.m.

Non-internet users will have opportunity to sign a petition in support of fixing the problem.

It is equally important to realize the procedural flaw distorting the intended power in representative governance to the sole power of one, is relevant to the proposed constitutional amendments citizens will be expected to vote on in the 2023 primary election.

For more information, Google “Omnibus amendment SB 106 demonstrates broken legislative process.”

Needless to say, an aware, informed and engaged public is critical toward the survival and endurance of democracy.

Etta Albright



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