Columnist all wrong on electric cars

Betsy McCaughey’s recent column “Buttigeig is all wrong on electric cars” is in itself all wrong.

She asserts that electric vehicles are not viable.

It’s interesting to note that the same allegations against EVs today echo that of those who opposed motor vehicles when they challenged horses 120 years ago.

Fuel availability, cost, lack of infrastructure, etc.

These barriers were quickly overcome and we know the results.

Cost for EVs is decreasing. A new Chevrolet Bolt EV is priced at $32,000.

While this is relatively high, consider the lack of service requirements, longevity and the fact that charging costs roughly 30% that of gasoline.

She stated that charging is inconvenient, especially on trips.

Well, unless one never tires, hungers, or is equipped with a cast-iron bladder, you will likely be stopping for 20 minutes or so anyway, ample time to charge.

Moreover, if your driving is largely local/regional, charge overnight at home and eliminate those pesky gas stops.

Also, McCaughey tactfully avoided discussing environmental issues. Consider the environmental impact of oil exploration, refining and transportation.

Oil transportation requires polluting ships and trucks. Electricity weighs nothing and travels at the speed of light. Batteries are recyclable.

Spent gasoline vapor is not.

Going electrical will reduce our dependence on imported oil. Granted, this will require additional electricity, but this can be accomplished using zero emission nuclear, solar and wind generation.

I suspect the reason McCaughey opposes the transition to electrical is because the guy promoting it, (Buttigeig) happens to be a Democrat, and she believes it’s a left-wing conspiracy.

Billions of tailpipes are not doing the world any good, so we have to phase them out as quickly as possible.

We can continue to burn fossil fuels or utilize currently available technology to ensure a better environment for future generations.

The choice is ours. Guess this makes me a climate radical, eh, Betsy?

Mike Boehly,



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