Man with knives, where was security?

First of all, why did it take from March until last month to make the news about a man walking into the school district with knives? Shocking!

Superintendent Charles Prijatelj needs to answer to this, along with many other matters. But, of course, he won’t. He does not answer to anyone.

Why was a door unlocked? Where was security? Why did this door not have a sensor to let employees and security know it as open?

The article does not give a time, but, that does not even matter. This man could have walked in and planted a bomb(s), set to go off, when kids along with other employees where in the school.

Instead of wasting money on Mansion park, maybe the school board should be spending money to protect our school buildings and those who are in it! Cameras, alarms?

Prijatelj and the school board wanted this new building that Altoona could not afford. It’s supposed to be state of the art, yet a stranger can walk in, walk around and be carrying weapons? All the money that was spent on this building, no one thought of the security? Yet, if anyone is attending a school board meeting, security meets us at the door to protect Prijatelj, his staff and the school board members, amazing how they think their safety comes before the students and other staff.

Maybe it’s time to elect an entire new school board that has no ties to anyone.


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