Commercial critic misses the mark

Of all the extremely important and drastic things going on in America and the world, Joseph Krug is focused on commercials.

Ones that make men look like dum-dums, referring to what the Easter Island head in the movie, “Night At The Museum,” called the security guard.

He seems to believe all wives belittle and embarrass their husbands.

How many husbands out there in the real world can say their wives tell them they’re incompetent and lazy and berate them? My guess, very few.

Krug wants men to stop buying products from companies that make men look like dum-dums.

This will never happen. To most men, these commercials are nothing more than what they are — commercials.

He is right about the divorce rate being around 50%.

But he seems to insinuate divorce is always the woman’s fault.

This is by far not true.

Krug did not condemn the Allstate commercial in which a man is making goofy gyrations on a sidewalk, and a man driving by watching him, drives into the back of a large truck.

I guess it’s OK for a man to make another man look like a dum-dum.

He blames all this on women being influenced by commercials. The only influence commercials have on women is getting them to buy their products.

Krug excuses men of being weak, afraid to stand up to their wives. And he accuses women of treating their husbands terribly.

Let’s face it guys. Where would we be if there were never any women?

Dennis C. Shore



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