Misinformation flow jeopardizes democracy

We can only imagine that the Autocrats of Russia, China and North Korea feeling a euphoric high better than any drug.

The biggest thing about democracy that scares these tyrants is our freedom of speech and lately it is tearing the U.S. apart.

It started out innocently enough with the worldwide web and blossomed into a monster of misinformation competition.

It has gotten to the point that a person who wants to read the truth has to take the time to sort through news and try to find a news source that quotes facts not just someone’s biased opinions.

We are living in times where major news networks are politically and financially motivated to sway our views. They know most people don’t have the time to sort it all out so we just follow what comes naturally, news that already reflects our views.

So most Republicans follow conservative news outlets and most Democrats follow liberal news outlets which leaves most of us not ever reading another point of view on what the truth could be.

The big problem is lately our democracy is at stake.

It is a delicate form of society that we take for granted and that relies on the truth to sustain.

We want truth that relies on facts, not internet hearsay.

A blatant example of internet misinformation is former President Trump’s failing social media network Truth Social just recently up and running.

According to a Jan 4 , 2021, Washington Post fact checker article, the former president made 30,573 false or misleading claims in the four years prior to the article.

George Ferrick



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