Trump needs to let go of 2020 election

While watching the GOP debates for U.S. senator, one person on the panel broke what I assume is the cardinal GOP rule and brought up the 2020 election.

Dr. Oz said he talked about it with President Trump and he said the GOP can’t let it go and move on — of course with no explanation.

The truth is that even though only a handful of U.S. Republican senators will only admit it, Trump lost the 2020 presidential election to Joe Biden.

No less than 50 hearings with federal judges all over this great land of ours could not find any evidence of widespread fraud or enough fraud to overturn a fair election.

Now, somehow, Trump, unable to accept defeat, convinced his followers to believe that the election was rigged against him without a shred of evidence.

Trump’s constant barrage of outright lies and deceptions pulled the wool over so many people’s eyes that his almost entire political party is still going along with this charade.

This phenomenon will surely go down in history as the biggest scam ever.

It will also go down in history as the biggest threat to our democracy.

This man singlehandedly brought half the country’s faith in democracy to its knees.

George Ferrick



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