Society missing common decency

I grew up in a time when common decency was a given and expected of all of us.

Common decency, as I was taught, involved being polite, kind, honest and respectful of others.

It is sort of a win/win idea; if I am respectful or kind or polite, there is a pretty good chance that is what will return to me.

It is increasingly hard to find that common decency.

People are virulent in their political statements; calling each other really ugly names, posting profane signs across the street from schools, and refusing to listen to others’ opinions.

Politicians in debates get into screaming matches with each other.

Sex and sexual innuendos are in your face on television and billboards.

One particularly disgusting current local ad campaign features a tongue and oozing sexuality.

I believe we can do better and expect better.

It is choice for each of us — not always easy to refrain from speaking or acting but, sometimes, it is the better choice.

I would like to live in greater harmony with those around me and encourage like minded people to the same.

Let us counteract the insanity of the current negativity.

Linda Gunn



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