Legislators too afraid to take action on guns

Another day, another mass shooting.

Nineteen children dead, and another opportunity for our Republican congressmen and senator to show their lack of courage and character.

Once again they will make inane comments about how bad they feel, how sad they are, but they are not sad enough or courageous enough to stand up and say no more.

That the day has come where there will not be another day where children go to school and not come home.

Not another day when parents fear they will not come home.

Not another day where their job is more important than the thousands of lives lost each year to gun violence.

Not another day where possession of an AR-15 or other weapons of war is more valuable than 19 children’s lives in Texas, 20 lives in Sandy Hook, and the many others.

These people have no character, they have no courage, they have no spine. I don’t know how they look at themselves in the mirror.

They care more about staying in office and doing nothing but collect a paycheck, enrich themselves with speaking fees, take money from lobbyists, trade stocks on insider information, worship a man who tried to overthrow our government.

So afraid to stand up and be counted. Be sure, when push comes to shove, they will be the first to run.

They will be the first out the door. Do you remember how they cowed in the halls of the capital? And then cowed in the face of the man who sent those to attack them? How they refuse to tell you the truth about who won the election?

They are really afraid of us. If we speak with a voice that threatens to hold them accountable, to actually take action, to actually do their job and protect our children, they will act.

But they will only act if we challenge them at the ballot box.

They have no greater fear.

It is time we stood up with one voice.

Stephen M. LoRusso



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