Country needs action, not just rhetoric

What’s up people?

Gas prices, food, the list goes on and on. Everywhere I go, people are constantly talking about these happenings.

God help the trucking and transportation business.

We can all agree it is out of control. When I go to the market, prices keep getting higher every day.

Passing a gas station is a guessing game of how much more it’s going to go up.

Who is the someone that can help us get back to the so called normal?

Voting for the right person to get into office is that very thing.

With all the mess our country is in, all we can do is hope the person we have trusted to vote for will stand up for what he or she is has promised.

We need help or we are going to sink into a deep hole, if it has not already happened.

Our children and grandchildren are going to suffer the course of it all.

Don’t just vote for someone who says what he or she will do for us. Vote for the one you believe who is sincere.

Dorothy Cavalet



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